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5 Juicy, Delicious Burgers That Will Rock Your World

Our short list for summer!

There are so many burger choices that burger lovers can’t help but ask: which is the best burger out there? 

Now that’s a hard question. Because burgers bring out the inner geek in chefs (and anyone who loves it). Start a convo about burgers and you can get lost in the nuances of meat-to-fat ratios, smoke types, buns, and don’t get started on all those signature sauces. It’s a deep dive. 

We’re sure you have your burger favorites. Let us share ours this summer. We love discovering burgers, finding new favorites. It’s a never-ending, always-delicious quest for the perfect one.

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Burger Beast 

Originally a cloud kitchen that opened during the pandemic, Burger Beast has evolved into brick-and-mortar stores, with its flagship located in SM Mall of Asia. To craft his signature patties, Chef Carlo Miguel combines brisket for marbling, lean meat for steak, resulting in the perfect juicy fat-to-meat proportions. 

Chef Carlo Miguel with his burgers | Burger Beast

Winners: The best selling Umami Burger explodes in your mouth with its bold layers of flavor, and special umami sauce, caramelized onions and cheddar cheese. It’s bold yet beautifully balance. Check out the limited-time Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire burger which will be available only until April 29. 

Burger Beast delivers burgers 24/7, and if you really want a burger made to fit your exact requirements, they have a build-your-own-burger option at MOA where you can create your signature burger to your heart’s content. IG: @burgerbeastph.

Flipside Burgers 

From the guy who brought us Burger Project comes this fun yet grown-up concept. Flipside Burger specializes in smashed burgers—the patties are thinner than usual, smashed on the griddle to get beautifully-seared edges and nice crust. It’s like eating steak in burger form! 

Winner: Oklahoma Burger with its Angus-style double patty, American cheese, grilled onion, pickles, and special burger sauce. This burger has such delicious beefy umami flavor, we can’t get over it. Must not miss: the Breakfast Burger with its chorizo, hamonado patties, American cheese, egg, grilled onions, and special burger sauce. Make sure to get some pickles and quail eggs on the side. You’ll love ‘em. IG: @flipsideburgersph.

Shake Shack 

This cool and quirky burger concept has been serving up some of the best burgers for decades. The meat is always cooked medium, the buns are always on point, and the vibe is always fun and casual. 

Winner: The Smokeshack, an Angus beef cheeseburger with applewood-smoked bacon, chopped cherry peppers and Shacksauce on a toasted potato bun. Perfect with the Shackmeister ale. 

Double SmokeShacks | Shake Shack

Don’t miss the cult favorite Shackburger, a classic with its Angus beef patty, cheese, lettuce, tomato and the secret Shacksauce in a toasted and buttere potato bun. Yum. IG: @shakeshackph.

The classic Shackburger | Shake Shack

Raging Bull Burgers 

Consider Raging Bull Burgers the fun and sassy younger sibling of Raging Bull Chophouse and Bar, where you’ll fin flavor-forward burgers, grilled over charcoal, slathered in signature sauce till perfectly juicy. You’ll go wow.

Winner: Raging Wagyu Burger, an intense flavor-packed beast made with prime Australian Wagyu, braised onions, chili chutney, lettuce, tomato, dill pickle. The Mighty Beast is a classic with Angus beef that has a 70/30 lean-to-fat ratio, topped with maple bacon, aged cheddar cheese, spicy beer, lettuce, tomato and pickle. 

The Mighty Beast | Raging Bull Burgers

Don’t miss the Kickass Burger, an Angus beef patty with iceberg lettuce, tomato, and their signature sauce. IG: @ragingbullburgers.

The Kickass Burger | Raging Bull Burgers