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NEW: Brunch Like An Italian At a mano Every Weekend

Savor the best Italian comfort food and boozy cocktails!

Brunch, the most important meal of the weekend, is now available at a mano. The cool Italian bistro has just launched a brand new weekend brunch menu that celebrates the rich flavors and culinary traditions of Italy, combined with a mano's signature flair.

“A lot of our regulars have been asking us when we’re going to start serving breakfast,” says Amado Forés, founder and owner of a mano. “We’ve been working on our breakfast and brunch dishes for a while now, but we didn’t want to launch it until we’ve perfected it.”

Available only from Fridays to Sundays,  the weekend Italian brunch is crafted to give diners more delicious options to start their day right—and celebrate weekends.

Here’s what you can expect at a mano’s weekend brunch. 

Avocado Toast

Satisfyingly crisp and creamy, with sourdough bread topped with avocado, ricotta, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, with a lemon vinaigrette salad on the side. By the way, a mano has three different toasts to choose from— whether you want something light, something indulgent, or a new way to appreciate an Italian classic. 

Avocado Toast | a mano

Truffled Eggs

This delicate and luxurious treat combines  Prosciutto di Parma, Fontina, and aromatic truffle oil.

Cacio e Pepe Scrambled Eggs

The ultimate comfort food, so flavorful in its simplicity. Sourdough bread is topped with pancetta, fluffy scrambled eggs, rich cacio e pepe sauce and served with a lemon vinaigrette salad on the side.

Cacio e Pepe Scrambled Eggs | a mano

We mustn't forget the egg dishes — brunch wouldn’t be complete without eggs! And at a mano, Italian egg dishes are definite must-tries. 

Maritozzo Eggs Benedict

Inspired by the iconic Roman pastry, this is a Maritozzo bun with house-cured salmon gravlax, poached egg, and hollandaise served with a lemon vinaigrette salad on the side.

Maritozzo Eggs Benedict | a mano

Italian Frittata with Mushrooms

There is nothing more homey and comforting than a well-made frittata. In this one, the eggs are cooked with hashed potaotes, mushrooms, spinach, cherry tomatoes and Parmesan.

Uova al Purgatorio

"Eggs in Purgatory" are eggs gently poached in a spicy Parmigiano sauce, with Stracchino and Fior di Latte di Napoli cheeses and garlic bread. 

Uova al Purgatorio | a mano

And because brunch is often a social occasion, here are plates perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Bistecca con Uova Strapazzate e Riso

A tender Italian steak dish with the most perfectly creamy scrambled eggs and bistecca rice. 

Bistecca con Uova Strapazzate e Riso | a mano

Bismarck Pizzette

A mini breakfast pizza topped with housemade sausage, wild mushrooms, egg, cherry tomatoes, Fior di Latte di Napoli, and basil. 

Bismarck Pizzette | a mano

Full Italian Breakfast

Hefty enough for two people, this platter includes a Maritozzo bun with Italian sausage, spicy salami rice, sautéed mushrooms, thinly-sliced guanciale, cotechino nuggets, and cherry tomatoes served with a choice of two fried eggs or cacio e pepe scrambled eggs.

Full Italian Breakfast | a mano

Make sure to end your brunch on a sweet note.  

Panettone French Toast

Made with house-baked panettone served with maple syrup and whipped butter.

Panettone French Toast | a mano

Granola & Fruits Soft Serve Parfait

a mano's  signature burrata soft serve is topped with yogurt, granola, banana, strawberry, and honey.


The signature burrata soft serve is finished with Passalacqua espresso and served with a biscotti.

Granola & Fruits Soft Serve Parfait | a mano

At a mano, brunch alla Italiana (the Italian way) is just the thing to make mornings truly special.

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Brunch hours: Friday to Saturday | 7 AM - 1 PM, BGC and Rockwell | 10 AM - 3 PM, Gateway | IG:

Photos courtesy of a mano