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Experience The Authentic Flavors Of Morocco

Enjoy authentic Moroccan food, tea, henna tattoos, music, and even calligraphy!

Everyone’s invited to witness the enchanting beauty of Morocco through Rustan’s Morocco Kingdom of Light festival. 

This celebration of Moroccan charm and culture, in partnership with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in the Philippines and the Moroccan National Tourism Office, takes place at Rustan's flagship store at the Makati Commercial Center until October 3rd.

An Oud musician playing at Cafe Casablanca | Ching Dee

The festival immerses visitors in the rich heritage and cultural diversity of Morocco through authentic Moroccan food prepared by Moroccan master chef Mohamed Idrissi Bencherif at Café Casablanca, Moroccan hand calligraphy by professional artist and teacher Hakim Darari (who can do calligraphy in Latin letters, Arabic, and Hebrew), gorgeous henna tattoo by a Moroccan henna artist, traditional tea pouring, and even Moroccan live music. Aside from the food at Café Casablanca, all live attractions are free of charge and open to the public at the fifth level of Rustan’s Makati until October 3rd.

Moroccan mint tea | Rustan's
The Most Sumptuous Afternoon Tea In The Metro


The Most Sumptuous Afternoon Tea In The Metro

Diners will get a choice between two Moroccan meal sets: the Chicken Tagine (₱950) and the Beef Tagine (₱1,250).

From left: the Beef Tagine and Chicken Tagine | Ching Dee

Each set comes three kinds of vegetable sides to be enjoyed with traditional Moroccan bread baked within the premises: traditional Moroccan Salad (chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, bell peppers, tossed in olive oil with lemon), Zaatouk (grilled eggplant mashed with tomato paste, sweet paprika, cumin, and ginger, topped with crispy fried eggplant skin to minimize waste), and Taktouka (charcoal-grilled bell pepper chopped and tossed with onion, garlic, parsley, coriander, and white vinegar).

Zaatouk Salad | Rustan's

To prepare the Chicken Tagine, Chef Idrissi meticulously cleaned the chicken to remove any smells and brined it overnight before cooking sous vide to retain moisture. Before serving, the chicken is quickly fried to crisp the skin. It’s served on a bed of stew flavored with citrus and tomatoes in a Moroccan stoneware tagine. The chicken portion was generous, the meat tender and juicy, and the citrus flavors brightens the dish. A splash of orange blossom water before being covered gives the chicken a subtle floral aroma. 

The fragrant Chicken Tagine | Rustan's

Meanwhile, the Beef Tagine was stewed for hours in a hearty broth with apricots, prunes, tomatoes, and spices brought all the way from Morocco’s famous spice markets. The beef (which would be lamb if served in Morocco) was extremely tender, needing very little prodding to fall apart. The gentle sweetness from the apricots and prunes accentuates the robust flavors of the spices. According to Chef Idrissi, these tagine dishes are usually eaten with fluffy couscous, but at Café Casablanca, a serving of steamed white rice is totally welcome.

Each set comes with two desserts: Orange Salad (slices of fresh orange drizzled with orange blossom water and topped with grapes, blue pea flower, and powdered sugar).

Orange Salad | Ching Dee

The second dessert is Jawhara (crispy layers of thin pastry with sweet cream in between, topped with blueberries, strawberries, grapes, and crushed walnuts). 

Jawhara | Ching Dee

After the meal, warm mint tea is served in traditional Moroccan tea sets embellished with silver. Diners can enjoy it with traditional Moroccan sweets (mini pastries filled with crushed nuts and cooked ’til crispy).

Moroccan mint tea with traditional sweets | Ching Dee

If you miss the live attractions and food (although we hope you won’t), don’t worry. You can still purchase a piece of Morocco until December 31, 2023. The entire fifth level of Rustan’s showcases authentic Moroccan artistry, including handmade tiles, brass lamps, camel bone jars, leather poufs, handwoven rugs, tableware, stoneware, clothing, skincare products, and so much more. In the spirit of giving back, 5% of the first month's sales will be donated to earthquake victims in Morocco.

Shop for Moroccan wares until December 31, 2023 | Rustan's

Visit the Morocco: Kingdom of Light festival at Level 5, Rustans’s Commercial Center, Makati City.