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This Coveted Niboshi Ramen is Hand-Carried From Japan

There are only 300 bowls of this super-limited ramen available in the whole Philippines!

Ramen connoisseurs, get ready! A rare and highly coveted specialty ramen is coming to town for a very short visit, and we're know you don't want to miss it. We're talking about the unbelievably delicious Niboshi King Ramen, a special ramen that will be hand-carried from Japan and will only be available at Ramen Nagi's branch at One Bonifacio High Street in BGC from January 25 to 26, from 11 AM to 10 PM. Priced at P650, only 300 bowls of this slurp-tastic ramen will be served on the said dates.

Niboshi are small, dried fish commonly used in Japanese cooking. It adds bold umami taste to any dish, and is a staple for Japanese stocks and sauces. 

It adds unique, special flavor to Ramen Nagi's authentic Japanese ramen that uses noodles made following traditional techniques from Chef Satoshi Ikuta’s hometown. Chef Ikuta has spent years perfecting his craft as one of Japan's leading gourmet ramen experts. Now you can taste one of his delicious bowls of ramen at Ramen Nagi for a limited time only.   


Each bowl is made with hand-made noodles and 20-hour boiled broth constantly stirred with a technique only the masters know—famously called “ramen water.” No need to travel to satisfy your ramen-discerning palate. 

To experience Japan in a Delightful Bowl, head out to Ramen Nagi at One Bonifacio High Street, BGC, from January  25 to 26. Remember, this is a super limited ramen and supplies won't last! 

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