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This Is The Perfect Steak And Whisky Pairing Menu

Don't believe us? Try it!

According to steak lovers, one of the best ways to have steak is to have it blue. No, this is not a joke. (If you haven’t come across it yet, blue steak is steak cooked briefly at very high temperatures in order to achieve a delicious seared crust on the outside, an almost-rare center.) At Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, this superb pairing gets a one up with a different kind of blue—Johnnie Walker Blue.

The Taste of Blue limited edition menu | Diageo Philippines

It may seem like a first time collaboration but these two premium marques have teamed up before.

Back in December, Diageo showcased their top shelf whiskies from lesser known distilleries like Talisker, Mortlach, and The Singleton in their Luxury Boutique in BHS Park. The common thread tying these whiskies together was that they were components that when blended along with other secret whiskies end up as the amber liquid in one out of 10,000 barrels that become bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. Diageo had a one-night only pop-up steak and whisky pairing that was so well received that they were open to another collaboration.

This “Taste Of Blue” steak and whisky pairing is the continuation of that collaboration.

While Johnnie Walker Blue Label is the most premium in the Johnnie Walker blended core line, it’s not my go-to JW because I thought the notes of this whisky was a bit too subtle and I preferred flavors that were pronounced. On another note, I thought that these same polished toned-down notes are ideal for a whisky to be paired food.

Johnnie Walker Blue | Diageo Philippines

Now, dinners like these are usually paired with wine. Sip, bite, swirl, repeat. And whiskies like the Blue Label just demand to be taken neat. This was an interesting pairing as there was only one whisky the whole dinner was going to be paired with.

Diageo brand ambassador Rian Asiddao presents not one, not two, but Johnnie Walker Blue Label Three Ways paired with favorites from the Wolfgang Steakhouse favorites as selected by executive chef Chris Oronce.

Wolfgang’s starts off with a half of their Canadian Bacon slab. As with wine pairing, diners were advised to take a bite of food then a sip of liquor. The whisky was served neat and thus, the flavors were at full potency. The Blue Label is more subtle without that in-your-face harsh notes of the other whiskies in Johnnie Walker core line. It’s already a pleasant sipping whisky on its own. With the bacon slab, the salty smoky notes enhance the toffee and slight smoke of the whisky. It was a nice beginning to the meal.

There are upsides and downsides to having whisky on the rocks. The downside is that ice slowly dilutes the whisky, taming its stronger flavors. In the upside, the water from the melted ice opens up the sweeter toffee notes. The milder whisky was well paired with the spring tiger prawn with cocktail sauce, tuna ceviche, and cold crab salad. If the first course was smoke on smoke. This was subtly sweet on

The seafood platter paired with whisky on the rocks | Jeeves de Veyra

A visit to Wolfgang’s is not complete without their dry-aged steak. I’ve never heard of the perfect pour, but this involves pairing the whisky with a glass of cold water. I asked Rian the proper way to enjoy this and he recommended taking a sip of the whisky, taking a sip of water, swirling the two in my mouth, then finally getting a bit of steak. The one kilo porterhouse included in this dinner is huge! Even for two people, it is a rather substantial serving of meat. Drinking the whisky this way just extends the pleasure of taking in this steak and scotch pairing.

Did I say whisky three ways? In a “But wait there’s more” turn,  Johnnie Walker Blue is infused into the cream on the side of Wolfgang’s classic chocolate mousse. I recommend spending a couple of hundred pesos more for the Luxury Highball. I wouldn’t normally use Blue Label as a base for a cocktail, but this bougie version of the Johnnie Apple—ginger ale, apple juice, and Blue Label is a rare treat.

Wolfgang's chocolate mousse with a Luxury Highball | Jeeves de Veyra

After this really upscale dinner pairing, I wonder what other things Wolfgang Steakhouse is cooking up as the restaurant has been pretty busy lately. The first Wolfgang Grill just opened at the City of Dreams with a different menu, then they are preparing to open branches in Araneta Center in Cubao and even as far as Boracay.

But for now, the Taste of Blue will only be available at the Newport City branch since it is the only branch that has a Whisky and Cigar room, though Leina Bolinas, local marketing partner for the Philippines, said that they will consider bringing this out to the other branches should it be popular.

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The Taste of Blue pairing menu by Johnnie Walker Blue Label will be available until August 31, 2023 only at Wolfgang’s Steakhouse in Newport World Resorts. The set menu for 2 is priced at Php 9,488 per person.

Lead photos: Wolfgang's SteakhouseYesMore Content on Unsplash