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10 Most Exciting New Restaurants In Makati 2022

The hottest new places to drink and dine this year

What makes a new restaurant so exciting that it stands out indelibly in your mind? We look for great food and thoughtful service (although, to be honest, some of the best dining experiences have no service at all to speak of). But most of all, it's how the entire dining experience is a story that unfolds through all your senses. On such a journey as this, a birria taco is not just a taco but a superbly savory dish full of culture and tradition. A Mediterranean restaurant offers not just a meal but a sensuous trip to a small fishing village in France or Italy. And pizza is never just pizza, but an exciting adventure into cool new ways to combine flavors, textures and cuisines. Here's our ten picks of the most exciting restaurants that opened in Makati just this year. 

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