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Hàin Boracay Is Angelo Comsti’s Advocacy on A Plate

Award-winning food writer and chef Angelo Comsti will take your tastebuds on a journey beyond usual Filipino fare

“The more you eat, the less you know.” 

This quote is written on the backs of the staff uniform at Hàin, visionary food writer and chef Angelo Comsti’s restaurant in Boracay. And it will all make sense once you’ve had a meal here.

Angelo Comsti | Ching Dee

This not-so-hidden-anymore culinary gem celebrates the diverse flavors of the Philippines and it sends diners on a journey through the rich tapestry of regional Filipino cuisine. Since its inception in August of last year, Hàin Boracay has been making waves in the culinary scene, drawing locals and tourists alike with its respectful and unique approach to local gastronomy. Behind this culinary haven is not just Comsti, but a team driven by a passion for showcasing the depth and diversity of Filipino flavors.

Hàin is the main dining outlet at The Henry in Boracay | Ching Dee

The concept of Hàin Boracay was born from Comsti's relentless advocacy for regional Filipino food. After the success of his award-winning book “Also Filipino”, Comsti felt compelled to take the next step and allow people to experience these flavors firsthand.

“I've been trying to champion target regional Filipino food for quite a while now. And after coming up with the book, I was like, ‘Okay, what's next?’ I need to practice what I preach, I need to let the people taste these dishes that I’ve been talking about,” Comsti explained. “It felt like the natural progression is to open a restaurant.”

The opportunity arose when the owner of The Henry Hotels, Hanky Lee, approached him to spearhead a restaurant that would champion Filipino cuisine within their new hotel. “He asked me if I want to open a restaurant because he wants to champion Filipinos.”

This lush al fresco restaurant is a hidden gem | Hàin Boracay's Facebook page

From concept to execution, it took meticulous planning and dedication to bring Hàin Boracay to life. Construction began in 2022, with the restaurant officially opening its doors in August 2023. However, it wasn't until recently that the restaurant began to gain traction, with more people flocking to experience its culinary delights. “It's nice to have a different market every day because almost 5,000 People fly in every day,” Comsti points out.

What sets Hàin Boracay apart is its focus on regional Filipino dishes, meticulously curated to highlight the unique flavors of each province. Comsti also empowers his chefs to share family dishes and local delicacies, ensuring that each dish tells a story and reflects the pride of its origins. The menu, divided into regional and ‘reworked’ dishes created by Comsti, offers something for everyone.

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“Mapaglaro siya, because I’m not sure kung ano talaga ‘yung market dito, I’m still figuring things out,” says Comsti of the playfulness of his menu, which people keep coming back to. “But so far, ang binabalikan ng tao are the regional dishes. Of course it makes me happy because it’s what I’ve been advocating.”

“I try to empower the chefs because I'm not always here,” he shared. “So whenever I'm here, I tell them to go ahead and cook the dishes that you eat at home. Let's present it and then let's include it in the menu. I want you to be proud of your dishes and you should represent since we’re here. It makes them (staff) really happy and fulfilled.”

When you visit Hàin, which we highly recommend, make sure to try these dishes.

While Comsti is no stranger to the restaurant scene, he still sought the advice of fellow Metro Channel presenter and restaurateur Happy Ongpauco-Tiu who has been running businesses in the island for years. Despite the challenges of sourcing ingredients on an island, Comsti remains committed to using locally available produce, infusing each dish with authenticity and flavor. His dedication to preserving the essence of regional cuisine is evident in every bite, transporting diners to the shores of Visayas, the plains of Mindanao, the mountains of Cordillera, and even the bustling streets of Manila.

Beyond the culinary experience, Hàin Boracay offers a sense of exclusivity and intimacy, with its intimate ambiance and attentive service. Guests relish the privacy and personalized attention, thanks to the well-trained staff. And The Henry Hotel, despite its distance from the award-winning beach, carries a certain charm for this very reason. A little bit of a hike from the main road and you’ll find this quiet respite full of trees, cool winds, and a welcome quiet far from the crowds and noise of the island. 

As Hàin Boracay continues to carve its niche in the culinary landscape, Comsti remains committed to his mission of championing Filipino cuisine. With plans to open a modern Pinoy bistro in Manila this year, his vision extends beyond the shores of Boracay, aiming to bring the vibrant flavors of the Philippines to a wider audience.

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Hàin is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. inside The Henry Hotel Boracay. For reservations and inquiries, contact 09957727533. Follow Hàin on Instagram: @hainboracay | Facebook : @hainboracay