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Japan's Coolest Steak Resto Is Opening In Manila

Steak with garlic rice? Steak standing up? Ikinari Steak makes steak dinners an affordable, casual adventure!

Steak aficionados of Manila, rejoice! Japan’s famous Ikinari Steak will soon have an outlet in the metro! 

Famed all over Japan for affordable, exquisite steaks, Ikinari Steak turns our concept of über expensive steak dinners on its head. This is where to go for reasonably priced yet premium thick-cut steaks that you can customize endlessly. Best of all, you can order your steak with garlic rice and know that the server is not judging you. 

Ikinari literally means “sudden steak” and, as the name implies, the focus is all on savoring superb steak with minimum fuss or frills. This is exactly what you’ll get when dining at an Ikinari Steak in Japan. The outlets are deliberately laidback and casual, with people eating steak standing up. We don't know yet if this will be the same setup in Manila. We love how you can choose the cut, weight and cooking time of your steak, and then tinker with the signature seasonings that include a light soy sauce and wasabi. The menu is minimalistic with only a smattering of appetizers and veggies, but we love the garlic rice that you can use to mop up all that fantastic oil from the steak.

Ikinari Steak is quite an experience. Never before was steak so wallet-friendly, so relaxed and casual, and so, so effortlessly cool. So we’re really stoked to hear that they’re opening the first branch in Manila at the MOA Square, where IKEA is located. Ikinari Steak is run by Pepper Food Service, which also holds the franchise for Pepper Lunch.  

 There are 320 branches of Ikinari Steak in Japan as well as multiple locations in New York City. We're excited to have the first one in Manila opening soon. Watch this space. Get your first look of Ikinari Steak as soon as it opens! 

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