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LOOK: Mendoko Ramenba Now Has Vegan Ramen On Its Menu

The same ramen flavors you love, now meat-free!

Good news for all ramen lovers who want to eat healthier or have decided to go plant-based. Mendoko Ramenba has just launched its new vegan ramen menu. Now you can enjoy your favorite ramen with all its rich flavor intact, but meat-free.

The menu includes Shio with vegan shio soy broth topped with binchotan-grilled vegan meat drizzled with truffle oil. Shoyu with vegan shoyu ramen topped with binchotan-grilled vegan meat, chili paste and drizzled with garlic oil. Tantanmen with vegan tantanmen broth topped with plant-based ground meat mixed with seasoning and spics, with added chili for just the right kick of heat. And Aji Tamago, a guiltless vegan rendition of Mendokoro's aji tamago with soy, potatoes and tomatoes on more soy.

Visit the BGC store and enjoy these healthy new bowls of ramen.

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For more details, visit @mendokoro_ramenba on IG.