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13 Best Pet Friendly Restaurants In Manila 2023

Amazing places that go above and beyond for your pet!

Multiple surveys and studies have shown that millennials (a.k.a. Generation Y or people born between the early 1980s and the late 1990s) prefer pets over having kids and some even love their pets more than family members. It’s no wonder we (yes, myself included) treat our pets as a genuine part of the family. Our dogs, cats, and everything else in between give us unconditional love, help relieve our stress, and provide us with an unending supply of fun (and funny) videos.

That’s why with the pandemic almost behind us (still not out of the woods, people; be considerate out there), we long to bring our fur-babies when we go out to eat or travel. We know pet cafés are becoming more and more popular these days, but if you’re looking for full-service restaurants to enjoy with your pet, we will be listing amazing pet-friendly places in Metro Manila as well as restaurants that go above and beyond by offering a special menu of treats for your furbaby. 

Get A Free Coffee Education, Meet Fellow Passionistas!


Get A Free Coffee Education, Meet Fellow Passionistas!

As more and more establishments realize that pets are an integral part of their customers’ lives, more businesses are opening their doors to welcome pets.  Always remember that as responsible pet owners, it falls on us to make sure we clean up after our pets, make sure they’re always leashed and wearing a diaper, and try our best to minimize any disturbance our furbabies may cause other customers.
The Westin Manila's executive chef Rej Casanova and his team created the A La Bark menu | The Westin Manila

Lead photos: Ching Dee