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Editor’s Picks: 15 Best Plant-Based Restaurants 2023

From fast food to fine dining, here’s where to find the most delicious, sustainable eats in town!

In line with our sustainability series with First Philippine Holdings (FPH), we are encouraging sustainable eating and the inclusion of a vegan meal in your daily diet. This will make a profound impact not just on your health but also on the environment. Check out more on this series on Metro.Style's sustainability section. 

Once upon a time, plant-based food was bland, blah and boring. Those days are long over. With plant-based food becoming the sustainable and popular option, there’s now a wide selection of delicious dishes that don’t compromise on flavor or textures. From fast food to fine dining, here are our picks for the best plant-based menus you can find in restaurants in Manila.

9 Easy Ways To Be A Sustainable Restaurant Diner


9 Easy Ways To Be A Sustainable Restaurant Diner

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Lead photos: Naturally Pen at The Peninsula Manila, Shaka Cafe, Cosmic