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Living Large In Tiny Houses

Ever wondered what it’s like to own a tiny house? Hear it straight from these homeowners who turned the pandemic into an opportunity to create their cozy cabins and break free from the stress of city living

When the pandemic lockdowns happened in 2020, city living suddenly lost its luster. People were eager to ditch the urban sprawl for greener pastures and wide-open spaces, where the air was fresher, the skies bluer, the freedom greater, and the houses tinier. 

The tiny house movement may have started as a curiosity for most, but the coronavirus pandemic pushed it to the mainstream. According to Business Insider, there had been a surge in demand for tiny houses in the U.S. for people who felt trapped and wanted to escape the cities. In the Philippines, the same growth happened, according to the CEO and Co-Founder of CUBO Modular. 

If you’ve always wondered what’s tiny house living like, and had been flirting with the idea of having your own someday (just like me!), here are some firsthand accounts from people who have tiny houses. Their reasons for building one may vary, but there’s one thing they all agree on: small can be beautiful.

See the gallery below:

Ready to embark on your tiny house adventure? Here’s a handy list of local builders that focus on tiny homes you can reach out to.

Cubo Modular

Makes, designs and manufactures sustainable, affordable, and dignified homes using engineered bamboo house kits. According to its CEO, Earl Forlales, the engineered bamboo is "14 times stronger" than concrete or the usual hardwood materials in the Philippines such as Narra and Yakal.



Cubo Modular Bulacan Suite | Cubo Modular

Smarthouse Philippines

Among its portfolio are barracks, dormitories, offices, houses, guard houses, modular log cabins, standard prefab houses, luxury prefab villas. Best known for building Derek Ramsey’s modern glasshouse in Palawan.



Nest Box Philippines

Nest Box utilizes advanced engineering technology which they retrofit according to the natural setting of the location. Most of the materials they use are concrete and metal. Best known for the glamping site they made in Caliraya, Quezon.


Bahay Makabayan Modular & PreFab

This company offers prefabricated and modular housing, of various sizes, named after Philippine heroes. Based in South Cotobato, Bahay Makabayan fabricates houses that are typhoon, earthquake, and flood-resilient.