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8 K-Drama Divas With The Most Gorgeous Closets

We went beyond their outfits, and dissected their closet spaces to give you tips and closet organization hacks

Summer is coming up!  This time of the year is usually synonymous with editing one’s closet contents, and rotating beach and summer wear to have front and center premier real estate in those drawers and cabinets for ease of access and use.  The closet is a vital part of life.  One look at it, and you feel as though you’ve seen a playback reel of your personal story.  After all, so many landmark moments are celebrated with key outfits and accessories.  

8 Stylish K-Drama Bedrooms That Are Peg-Worthy


8 Stylish K-Drama Bedrooms That Are Peg-Worthy

How many K-Dramas have we seen with heroines who power dress, and whose closets we’ve dissected for proof of the fact that the closet plays a vital supporting role to women who dress well. Need inspiration? Here are some of the most beautiful closets we’ve seen in K-Dramas.  The ladies who use them have demanding careers and dramatic back stories to boot.  As such, the closets many consider a dream are to them, a reality.  Take a look at the gallery below:

Shop Their Best Practices:

Use bins or baskets for seasonal items such as sunglasses, bathing suits and beach towels.  As the seasons change, simply swap the baskets for ease of reach.

Rattan Basket Holder

  • Rattan Basket Holder

For a tidy look, invest in uniform hangers.  They can be all-white or the color of your choice.

Seamless Hangers With Anti-Slip Silk, Set of 5

  • Seamless Hangers With Anti-Slip Silk, Set of 5

Hang a closet organizer with shelves.  These efficient storage systems multi-task, and maximize your vertical closet space.

Hanging Closet Organizer With Shelves

  • Hanging Closet Organizer With Shelves

Use clear acrylic storage essentials to make it easier for your to spot things.  The caveat: these need to be maintained and organized constantly to save you from visual clutter.

Acrylic Cosmetics Organizer

  • Acrylic Cosmetics Organizer

  Don't forget to include a full-length mirror when planning your closet space for that one final look at your OOTD.

Arched Full Length Mirror

  • Arched Full Length Mirror