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Highlights Of Newly-Minted Author Bretman Rock's Manila Press Conference

Bretman Rock, who just launched his book, talked about wanting to be a celebrity growing up and feeling like one now, thanks to the Filipinos' warm reception

“I do feel like I need to come here every year because I just like feeling like a bad b*tch,” said media personality and multi-hyphenate Bretman Rock. Fresh from the Hawaiian seascape, Bretman flew to the Philippines to promote his first ever book event in the country—“Bretman Rocks in Manila”—for a memoir that he authored, among other things.

Titled “You’re That Bitch: & Other Cute Lessons About Being Unapologetically Yourself,” Bretman’s collection of memories and occasional shenanigans have landed the shelves.

Leading a life of standards and staying true to his own make is obviously Bretman Rock’s love language, and this “baddest b*tch” shows no signs of stepping down from the spotlight. In fact, he realized that he will have to frequent the archipelago on an annual basis if his busy calendar would cooperate. “I think after this trip—I realized this last night at midnight—I will come here every year,” Bret shared with us. To his surprise, being in his homeland brings him a different kind of “delusion” with all the warm reception that he has been reaping.

In his press conference, he painted what being back in the PH versus being back in Hawaii looks like. “I feel like such an artista here!” he cracked, earning a collective laugh from the audience at the launch of his book. Bretman emphasized how blessed he is, too, to be brushing elbows with entertainment somebodies and brand bigwigs. “The fact that you’re interviewing me right now is just so profound to me, honestly,” his statement goes. “In Hawaii, there’s like a population of 4 people there and no one gives a sh*t about me but here… oh my God!” he gloated.

When asked if he ever aspired to become an actor in the Philippines, Bret bragged, “Girl, oh my gosh! I was always auditioning for PBB [Pinoy Big Brother] in my head!” The breakthrough internet sweetheart also shortlisted a bunch of items on ABS-CBN that he used to tune in to as a kid. “My favorite ones were Mara Clara. Duh! Both of the versions, actually—with Judy Ann [Santos] and the other one with Kathryn Bernardo. I know what’s up!” he bantered, keeping the energy alive. Bretman even added that prior to his move to the States, he was preoccupied with several Kapamilya shows.

“My favorite one before I moved to America, which is so random, y’all, [is Super Inggo]. Super Inggo was really in!” Bret revealed. “I was eight years old! Bear that in mind. I was obsessed with Super Inggo and I’m also obviously obsessed with It’s Showtime at the time, [and] ASAP—all of that, girl! I watched all of ’em! “I was in my Star Circle Quest era, too, so I was watching all of that!” Sounding like a solid Kapamilya regular, he admitted that he is highly attuned to his dreams of becoming a drama queen. “I feel like every Pinoy dreams of being an artista one day, so obviously, I was,” he quickly replied. “I was such a delusional kid so honestly, to answer your question, yes!”

On the topic of being Filipino by blood, however, Bret takes pride in his unique personality. “Besides my beautiful moreno skin, I love the personality that I have as a Filipino. I think I’m always laughing; I’m always singing. Not that everybody sings, but I just definitely got the Filipino genes that sing—not like good, but I definitely sing everywhere,” the online sensation claimed. Of course, he owes that side of his to his mom, mentioning her in passing. “I love the fact that my mom is Filipino,” he proclaimed.

Since a huge chunk of Bretman Rock’s book centers on his home and stories about his family affairs and private relationships, readers are in for a treat as Bret tries to lay some of his secrets bare. “I lived in a five-bedroom home—it is in Hawaii—with 25 people. And so, I felt like I was living a sitcom every day, so obviously, I was going to write everything about them.” He loosened up a bit in terms of topics that he rarely touches and reports to social media. “A lot of the book was based on my journal. I obviously wrote about my family a lot—venting a lot about them.”

Struck by a magic so powerful he stormed Cyberworld by chance, Bretman arrives at a point where his abilities, he believes, are all buoyed-up. “Around the time when I was kind of moving myself from the beauty community and I started doing ‘A day in the life’ series, that’s when I realized I could literally just post me reviewing cereal and y’all would watch it. I could review coconut water and people would watch it,” he said, appearing self-assured. “I think that made me realized that I’m not just a beauty girl; I think that’s when I realized that I could do anything.”

As what Bret always says in his opening spiels: “You know me—I’m a singer, songwriter, actor, artist, athlete, scientist on the motherf*cking side, and now an author!” As for anything that a Bretman Rock would still want to achieve that he hasn’t yet—from being a content creator to becoming an MTV host—this Filipino hotshot answered in all honesty: “God, I’d be doing it all! What I haven't done is truly the question.” Drenched in confidence enough to cage doubts and insecurities, Bretman insisted on a life of living one’s own dreams.

“I would love to actually fulfill my childhood dreams. I think I want to be so bored one day with my life that I’ll just decide to be a firefighter. I would love to just have a day job, honestly!” he declared, fooling around. “I would love to feel like, ‘Yeah, I’m an influencer but I also fire-fight on the side! Can’t you see me coming out of the pole with a smokey eye? Bring on my yellow suit, but you know I’ll crop it!” Finally, as for his advice to all the aspiring content specialists who would love to share the celebrity status, he spoke from his heart. To Bretman Rock, holding back is a barrier, so here’s what he stands for: “Just post it, girl!”

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