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In Photos: The Star-Studded 17th Anniversary Party Of NicePrint Photo

Take a look at the fabulous guests at this momentous occasion!

NicePrint Photo recently marked its 17th anniversary in the event photography industry last March 17, 2023. Held at Okada Manila, the event was packed with show business and society personalities who attended to join the momentous celebration.

Established in 2006, NicePrint Photo seeks to innovate and expand its services on a global scale. Its mission is centered on exceeding customer expectations by catering to its clientele in the best possible and most creative way. Charisse Tinio, the woman behind NicePrint Photo, also celebrated her birthday on the same day. 

Charisse Tinio Talks About NicePrint Photo's Story Of Legacy


Charisse Tinio Talks About NicePrint Photo's Story Of Legacy

According to Charisse, perhaps an edge of theirs lies in how they deal with their clients. “As a studio owner, I am very hands-on with the business. I personally attend to clients' concerns and respond to their emails personally.” A lady boss in her own right, Charisses ensures that her premiere photography company is “not just about celebrities.”

With the tagline “Your Story, Our Legacy,” NicePrint Photo's anniversary celebration highlighted the events and once-in-a-lifetime milestones that they have shared with the people who believed in their craft. “Thank you so much, as I, for 17 years, have been just dreaming about this day in and day out. And, it's finally here. It’s just so surreal to see all of your faces,” Charisse said, as their event gathered celebrities and event industry players.

Charisse Tinio
Charisse Tinio | Nice Print Photography

What started as a Konica developing center is now one of the leading players in the photography and video services market. The celebrity go-to is inspired by real stories of real people, and will persevere come hell or high water. Charisse promises that their work will continue to live on.

Swipe through the gallery below and check out some of those who made it to NicePrint Photo’s 17th anniversary guest list:

Photos courtesy of Nice Print Photo