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These Filipino Artists' Halloween "Posters" Are On A Different Level Of Awesome

See how they elevated their Halloween costumes. You'll be utterly amazed by their creativity!

Halloween is always an exciting time, as many fans of the annual holiday go all-out with their costumes. This year, several Filipino artists, creatives, and content creators elevated their Halloween costumes by doing poster-like executions to complete their visions. 

Apart from exerting effort in the costumes themselves, they took things notches higher with impressive layouts that further establish the celebrities, personalities, characters, and movies/TV shows they are referencing.

Delighting the netizens with their remarkable creativity are beauty queen/actress/host Pia Wurtzbach; singers and content creators Chi and Gabs Gibbs; photographer/vlogger BJ Pascual, hair stylist Renz Pangilinan, and makeup artist Jelly Eugenio; fashion designer Rajo Laurel and interior designer Nix Alañon; and fashion designer Boom Sason with muses - fashion designer Bonita Penaranda, models Jessica Yang and Ally Filo, and fitness trainer Mayumi Toribio.


Check out the gallery below to see how they elevated their Halloween costumes:

Happy Halloween!

Lead photos by @bjpascual and from @chiiloyzagagibbs @gabsgibbs