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In Photos: A Look at Carlo Aquino’s Leading Ladies

Here are the actresses who starred alongside the highly-acclaimed Kapamilya actor

Carlo Aquino is a sight to behold, and his charm breezes through our hearts like a quintessential heartthrob—swift yet sure to leave a lasting effect. He knows how to enchant the audience with his superb acting, contagious smile, and of course, some hints of seduction. 

His childhood acting chops paved the way for his popularity in the ‘90s and today, as he takes on starring roles in series, chick flicks, and romance films, his coveted status has been solidified even more. Carlo’s ever-present staying power in the industry is proof that he is an icon in the making.

The man’s leading ladies in full-length films are also as great as he is as an artist. From Carlo’s former real-life romance Angelica Panganiban to his friend-turned-girlfriend Charlie Dizon, there is no shortage of new actresses to pair with the actor.

Swipe through the gallery and see the leading ladies who starred alongside seasoned actor Carlo Aquino:

Lead photos by @netflixph via @jose_liwanag and from @jellyeugenio and @bela 

Coco Martin's "Ang Probinsyano" Leading Ladies


Coco Martin's "Ang Probinsyano" Leading Ladies