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EXCLUSIVE: GOT7's YUGYEOM Talks About His Creative Process, The Filipino Food He'd Like To Try, And More!

This AOMG artist is holding a concert in Manila this August 19—don't miss it!

YUGYEOM has indeed grown, and is continuously evolving, into an outstanding artist since his exclusive contract with AOMG, a record label founded by Jay Park.

Now dominating the local and international music scenes as a solo artist, GOT7’s “Gyeom-triever” and dandelion-loving maknae has admittedly been doing and experiencing many firsts. One of which was showcasing his acting skills in his “All Your Fault” music video that featured his labelmate, GRAY. Another exciting first is his upcoming concert in Manila this August 19 at the New Frontier Theater!

YUGYEOM is set to visit and hold a concert in Manila, one out of two Asian countries in his tour. He also previously embarked on a solo Europe tour. 

Curious about YUGYEOM’s creative process? His passion and inspiration? The kinds of Filipino foods he’s looking forward to eating?

Keep scrolling to read our exclusive interview with YUGYEOM:


What can your fans look forward to from your upcoming "YUGYEOM Live in Manila" concert?

"Hyped shows are being ready, where we all can have fun. Since it is not a show as a group, I guess there will be different aspects I could show my fans as a solo artist."

We've seen you work with fellow AOMG producers and artists, we want to know if you see yourself producing or writing songs for other artists? 

"I don’t see myself producing or writing songs for other artists at the moment. However, I’d like to if I have a chance someday."

You've mentioned before that you like to try different genres. What are your plans in order to achieve this in your future releases?

"I don’t have a specific plan yet, but I am seeking to work with a lot of different kinds of producers and artists."

Given your success now, what message would you give to your past?

"If I can send a message to myself, I wouldn’t give advice, but more likely encourage myself. Probably say, ‘Just keep on going, you can do this!’ Something like that, haha."

You have mentioned in one of your interviews that you have used a bag, for 6-7 years, which was a gift from a fan. Now, given that idols often receive gifts, let’s turn the tables around. If you could give something to your fan, what would it be and why?

"If I could give something to my fan, I would like to give a bracelet, because it’s simple, yet you can wear it every day."


What's a song that's constantly on repeat or type of music you're into these days?

"I don't have a specific genre I'm into right now, but I have two songs that I constantly listen to. It's Janet Jackson - LUV, and Polo & Pan - Nana."

What is your creative process like? You’ve written impressive songs, can you describe your process from start to finish?

"First of all, I find the beat that gets in my mind. Then there are times when I write the melody first, or maybe lyrics, I am quite flexible with that part.  If I write the melody first, I’ll do the guiding process and then plan the lyrics. On the other hand, If I plan the lyrics first, then I try to think and make the melody that matches the lyrics."

When writing songs, what are you most inspired by? Why?

"When it comes to writing songs, I do a lot of imagination by myself, seeing myself in that situation. I watch dramas or movies to get ideas, but yeah, I get my inspiration mostly from my imagination."

In your years as an artist, is there a memory that stands out for you during any of your concerts?

"I suppose GOT7’s first concert. I was very nervous about whether I could do it perfectly as it was my first concert, also worried if many fans would come or not. Thankfully, a lot of fans came and enjoyed our concert, which I am still very grateful of."

Who are the artists that you would love to collaborate with in the future? 

"There are so many great artists I would love to collaborate with. It changes all the time. But, for now, it’s Don Toliver. He’s such an incredible artist."


What are you excited to experience in the Philippines?

"Definitely my concert! It’s been a while since I've been to the Philippines. I know my fans have waited so long, and so have I. I’m so excited to be able to perform as much as I've waited."   

Given the chance, which places would you like to visit, or which food would you like to try in the Philippines?

"A few days ago, I received a lot of recommendations from my fans. I remember there was kare kare, pancit canton, turon, chicken adobo, lumpia, and many more. I’m looking forward to trying all those foods.

Filipinos are huge fans of K-pop and K-drama. It's a dream for many to visit Seoul, and now that the borders have opened after the peak of the pandemic, people have started traveling again. Which are your favorite places in Seoul that you'd recommend for people to visit? (Can you name 3 and say why?)

"First up, Itaewon. There are many people from different countries in Itaewon, which means a lot of various cultures are gathered in one place, and it creates an exotic and interesting vibe. Hope you can feel that. The second is Namsan mountain. I recommend you go up and enjoy the beautiful night view of Seoul. It’s really amazing. The last place is Apgujeong Rodeo because that’s where my company AOMG is located haha."

Yugyeom Live in Manila
Yugyeom Live in Manila

Interview courtesy of MAXPERIENCE (MPE)

Photos courtesy of AOMG