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Kiana V Offers Fresh Inspiration With New Song "I Want To Be Here"

It's a song that aims to help raise mental health awareness

Kiana Valenciano worked with healthcare app KonsultaMD, as well as Curtismith and DJ Nix Damn P, to come up with an inspiring track dedicated to those struggling with mental health problems.

With more and more people raising awareness on mental health, thankfully, there's a more conscious effort to have a healthy relationship with oneself. Artist Kiana V knows how important caring for one’s mental well-being is, so she openly advocates for it. 

Kiana Valenciano teams up with KonsultaMD for a song on mental health

Her collaboration with KonsultaMD explores a project that’s close to her heart: music that will help us heal.

Along with fellow artists Curtismith and DJ Nix Damn P, the trio recently launched the track called “I Want To Be Here.” “We really wanted to capture the feeling of really trying to understand what you’re going through, sitting with those emotions and letting them go,” Kiana shares about the single. And it’s evident from start to finish—with lyrics that flesh out one’s thoughts when struggling, sometimes, all we just want is what the singer croons in the chorus, “I want to be here / I want to feel free / I want to be real.”

Kiana Valenciano teams up with KonsultaMD for a song on mental health

The anthem authors Kiana V and DJ Nix Damn P both wanted the song to be a reminder that it’s okay to ask for help and that whatever one’s going through is valid. They also believe that this team up with KonsultaMD—which offers both video and chat services for mental health consultations—came at a perfect timing.

The song’s tune, while soulful, is groovy and upbeat, making it an ideal track to listen to for a mood booster.