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Manila Luzon Launches "Manila's School Of Drag" Master Class

Through “Manila’s School of Drag,” Manila solidifies her mission to catapult the Philippine drag scene to the global stage

International Drag Superstar Manila Luzon is on a quest to train the spotlight on Filipino drag queens as she spills the secrets of her global stardom in her master class.

In partnership with Nas Academy, Manila Luzon launches “Manila’s School of Drag” that promises to help Pinoy drag queens and enthusiasts unleash their power from within. Since she started rediscovering the local drag scene, Manila Luzon has been marveling at the creativity, character, and work ethic of Filipino drag artists. She often remarks that Filipino drag queens have the potential to push the boundaries of drag with the added layer of flair, personality, and fiery attitude that’s exclusive to Filipinos.

“My Filipino heritage is always present in my drag, just look at my drag name, Manila Luzon. I’ve championed for Filipino representation on the world stages of drag. And now with Nas Academy I have the opportunity to inspire more Filipinos to explore their self-expression through the art form,” said Manila Luzon.

Manila Luzon

Manila Luzon earned more than a crown when she won many hearts all over the world for her endearing performances in the Emmy Award winning program, RuPaul’s Drag Race. She graced not just one but three seasons of the show, and thereafter went on to grow her social media following, mount concerts, record songs, partner with numerous well-loved global brands as she fortifies her position as a powerhouse in the international drag community. 

Manila’s School of Drag features the full range of lessons to fully discover one’s drag identity as students are empowered by learning how to present themselves in real life and in the age of social media. The class covers a range of topics that will develop the drag persona from knowing what it means to be a drag queen to learning the A-Zs of make-up, choosing the right clothes per body type, and capturing the best angle for Instagram.

“There is so much under my dress that I can share with everyone in my School of Drag.  This class is a learning community, and I am excited for what we will create not only in the Philippines, but all over the world. I look forward to our quarterly meet the creator sessions where I can share more tricks of the trade and encouragement that can help in their careers as make-up artists, stylists, performers, and content creators,” said Manila Luzon. 

Manila’s School of Drag not only proves Nas Academy’s belief that there is a creator for every Filipino, it also gives Filipinos access to the talent of international creators and learn from their skills, experience, and perspectives.  

“Over my years of performing in drag on television and stages around the world, I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the art of drag and I’ve used it to push the limits of what we accomplish in wig and heels. I am excited to pass down this knowledge through Nas Academy to new generations of drag performers and people who love the art form,” Manila acclaimed.


Jacqueline Maye Lim, Nas Academy Philippines Country Head said, “Nas Academy defines creators beyond producers of online content on social media. Creators are individuals who have exceptional skills and style to tell their story and have applied this ability to pursue their passion and goals. Manila Luzon has shown how she expresses her Filipino pride, creativity, character, and authenticity in her own way and turns it into her own brand. She is well known and admired all over the world for being relatable across cultures and outstanding in everything she does. That makes her a powerful creator.”

Manila’s School of Drag is one of the academies to watch out for this 2022 as part of the long-term partnership between Nas Academy and Cornerstone Entertainment, which aims to bring international talents, celebrities, and creators who can give talks on creativity and personality development.

Other academies with Cornerstone include “How to Be a Queen” with Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray, “Moira’s Songwriting Bootcamp” with Spotify Most Streamed Artist Moira Dela Torre and CS Artist Lab Academy with Markki Stroem, Rayt Carreon, Radha, Welwel Silvestre, Alex Diaz, Nicco Manalo, and Eva Ronda

“The creativity and ingenuity of Filipinos are well known all over the world. Nas Academy Philippines aims to show just how much talent can come from our archipelago,” Lim added. 


“Manila’s School of Drag” opens on March 23. For more information, visit Manila’s School of Drag