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Exclusive: Metro Talks With K-Pop Boy Group #DRIPPIN

In this exclusive interview, we chatted with the members of DRIPPIN about their favorite villain characters—referencing their recently-launched first studio album "Villain: The End"—and the most adventurous things they've done

Their third EP may have been called Villain, their second single album Villain: Zero and their first studio album Villain: The End, but rising K-Pop group DRIPPIN is no anti-hero. In fact, they give off main character vibes with their immense talent and stage presence that makes them deserving of a spot in the K-Pop scene.

Here’s a quick vibe check on K-Pop group DRIPPIN:

Vocals? Honey-like.

Rap skills? On fire!

Harmony? Splendid.

Choreography? Impressive.

Talent? Rich of it.

Stage presence and charisma? Powerful.

Personalities? Fun, goofy and colorful.

Visuals? Attractive.

K-Pop group DRIPPIN
K-Pop group DRIPPIN | @wearedrippin

With this explosion of ingredients, it’s a Perfect All-Kill (PAK) of stardom for DRIPPIN, reason why they are worthy to be on people’s radar. Apart from the group’s mesmerizing qualities, it doesn’t hurt that they churn out radio-friendly songs for K-pop music enthusiasts such as “Nostalgia,” “Young Blood,” “Villain,” “Zero,” “So Good,” and “Free Pass.”  

DRIPPIN is a seven-member K-pop group from Woollim Entertainment composed of YUNSEONG (leader, vocal, main dancer), HYEOP (main vocal), CHANGUK (vocal), DONGYUN (main rapper), MINSEO (vocal), JUNHO (vocal) and ALEX (vocal rapper).  

Before the group’s debut on October 28, 2020, all members except for Alex were part of the popular competition reality show Produce X 101. Through KT’s Seezn reality show We Are Drippin, the group’s journey leading up to their debut was documented bringing them to fans and audiences closer.

The group’s name DRIPPIN itself carries several meanings like “amazing,” “handsome,” “fashionable,” “sexy,” and “cool” which all point to a strong potential for them to get even bigger than they are now.

Next to DRIPPIN is their fandom called DREAMIN who support the boys every step of the way. The official fan club’s name means that their fans “dream together with them and go with them to achieve their dreams.” 

In this Metro.Style exclusive, the DRIPPIN members gamely introduced themselves according to their identity and personality as well as their favorite villains (living up to their album concept and theme). Interestingly, the boys have a colorful and playful way to describe themselves.

Check out the gallery to get to know the members better:

With K-Pop idols visiting the Philippines one by one since the travel restrictions eased up, there is much hope for DRIPPIN to do a concert here, too. The members are already excited at the idea of visiting the Philippines and meeting the Filipino DREAMINs.

Who among them has been to the country already? It’s Alex! He tells us, “I visited the Philippines twice already. First trip to Cebu and Manila and second trip to Boracay. On my first visit, I found the place very charming and wonderful. On my second visit, I felt a sense of healing from not only the scenery but also from the people. So overall, I have a great impression of the Philippines.” 

Changuk also looks forward to flying to the country, saying, “I’ve never been there myself but I’ve heard a lot of stories from my friends about how wonderful it is. So if I get a chance, I want to go on a vacation to the Philippines with the members or my family.”

Meanwhile, Junho took the opportunity to express his appreciation for Filipino fans. “Although we have met many international fans, our fans from the Philippines have sent us so much love and support from the start. I wish we could perform in the Philippines as soon as possible,” he smiles.

DRIPPIN just made their comeback with their first full-length album Villain: The End, featuring the track “The One.” The expected November 1 release was postponed in light of the Itaewon tragedy.

Watch our exclusive Metro Talks interview with K-Pop boy group DRIPPIN below:

Video interview courtesy of Woollim Entertainment

Coordination: Anastasia Kuvaldina and Grace Libero-Cruz

Video editing by CJ Reyes

Interview by Grace Diez

Lead photos from @wearedrippin