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Nadine Lustre Launches Her YouTube Channel

The award-winning actress, multifaceted artist, content creator, and ultimate cool girl is now a vlogger. Stay tuned!

Nadine Lustre is now a vlogger
Nadine Lustre | Photo from @nadine

"She has a Youtube channel now"—Nadine Lustre shared with her fans and followers that she just launched her own YouTube channel. The multifaceted artist and content creator has put on the vlogger hat, much to her fans' delight.

For her first YouTube video that premiered on February 15, the 29-year-old award-winning actress and singer is seen adjusting what seems to be a camera and getting ready for a shoot. She pulls a quilted couch to the middle of the room, checks the screen to see if its position is right, finishes off her beauty look with a few swipes of lipstick, and finally sits on the sofa. As she's doing all these, the screen zooms out to show that Nadine, in her cute mini ensemble and white knee-high boots, is in a boob tube or television. 

Then her name, Nadine Lustre, flashes on-screen with the familiar TV static beep sound.  

In the caption, she wrote, "Im Nadine and Welcome to my Channel."

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EXCLUSIVE: Songwriter, Dreamweaver, Eco-Warrior—This Is Nadine Lustre Like You've Never Seen Her Before

As someone who's active on social media (specifically on Instagram where she has 11.6 million followers and on Twitter where she has more than 220,000 followers), Nadine finally expands her reach to the YouTube platform.

Ahead of Nadine Lustre's YouTube channel intro premiere, she tweeted her followers, asking them to tweet her their content suggestions. Among her fans' suggestions were "get ready with me," fashion (like a closet tour) and travel content, "a day in her life in Siargao" vlog, surfing tutorial, song covers, and cooking vlogs.

Others suggested dance covers, like the trending "Paligoy-Ligoy x Hype Boy" dance challenge. "Paligoy-Ligoy" is a song that was released by Nadine back in 2014 as one of the tracks for her movie Diary Ng Panget. It resurfaced early this year as a TikTok challenge, wherein the music is mashed up with the choreography of rookie K-pop girl group New Jeans'  "Hype Boy."

Nadine recently won the Best Actress award at the 2022 Metro Manila Film Festival for her starring role in the horror-thriller film Deleter, directed by Mikhail Red. Nadine and Mikhail will team up again for another horror film titled Nokturno.

Lead photos from @nadine and Pexels