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Popular Personalities Pay Their Tributes To Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II meant a lot to many as she lived a life of duty and dedication

On September 8, 2022, the longest-serving British figurehead Queen Elizabeth II passed away at the age 96, as announced by Buckingham Palace in a statement. Her passing saddened various sectors such as sports and entertainment, including athletes, musicians, actors, and icons.

An Era Has Ended—Queen Elizabeth II Has Peacefully Passed Away At The Age Of 96


An Era Has Ended—Queen Elizabeth II Has Peacefully Passed Away At The Age Of 96

An outpour of condolences and offerings from the public and the people are highly anticipated as they honor The Queen and her unwavering quest for economic, environmental, social, and political success throughout her reign on the throne. As she earns her rest and exits the royal realm, the world will remember her for the service that she has rendered throughout the years.

Music veteran Elton John memorializes The Queen, painting her as an “inspiring presence.”

Half-British Hollywood actress Lily Collins acknowledges her service, saying that “her legacy will live on.”

Music icon Paul McCartney from The Beatles bids Queen Elizabeth II farewell.

Daughter of Paul McCartney and fashion designer Stella McCartney sends her deepest sympathies.

Rock singer Ozzy Osbourne says The Queen’s death is “devastating.”

Mick Jagger honors Her Majesty in his message, highlighting her wedding that he used to watch.

English model and actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley posted a photo of Queen Elizabeth II on her Instagram as a tribute.

Harry Potter author JK Rowling is largely affected as she perceives The Queen as a “positive symbol” in society.

Supermodel and Hollywood star Naomi Campbell sees the death of the sovereign as an “end of an era.”

Multitalented and multi-awarded actress Helen Mirren, who previously won an Oscar for portraying Elizabeth II, proclaims that she is “proud to be Elizabethan.”

Former professional footballer David Beckham shared on his social media that the monarch comforted their country in tough times.

Spice Girls member and fashion designer Victoria Beckham is disheartened and remembers the royalty for her “steadfast loyalty and service.”

Multiple Olympic medalist Mo Farah believes that all of Britain shares the same love for the late Queen.

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