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We Tried This Korean-Owned Spa And We Loved It!

Thinking of how to unwind on an afternoon in Boracay? Head over to Helios Spa, a unique R&R spot in the island!

A Korean-owned spa tucked in a secluded compound in Manoc-Manoc, Helios Spa has gained a lot of customers and clientele, both international and locals alike. I heard about them from a friend who couldn’t stop raving about the Honey Stone Coco spa package she tried. She told me that she had such a delightful time bathing in coconut water and being massaged and scrubbed with pure honey in her own private villa no less, and that instantly piqued my interest.
Helios Spa Boracay


  • Round-trip van transfers from D’Mall area
  • Use of public pool with ginger tea
  • Private villa
  • Foot wash
  • Honey body scrub
  • Hot bath in coco water and flowers
  • Hot stone massage 
  • Complimentary juice and mango graham cake post-massage
  • Option to have clothes washed and dried 

Receiving area
I was picked up at Jasper’s near D’ Mall in Station 2 Main Road, and it was roughly a 10-minute trip to Helios Spa. The location is very private and secluded, and the ambiance is very airy and picturesque. Once I got there, the lush gardens and the clear blue swimming pool greeted me, as the daybeds and cabana invited me to lounge and rest. I swam a bit after being offered some hot ginger tea, and then I was led to my own villa where the session began. 
Private villa

Their villa is enclosed with no air conditioning units, but the set up was very well-thought of and charming. The towels and sarongs were arranged and folded so creatively that I almost didn’t want to use them! There were flowers everywhere and it was a delightful touch to the overall ambiance.

I was told to undress and remove all accessories as the therapist asked me if I wanted to have my clothes washed and dried so I can wear them clean after our treatments. They provide sarongs to wear during the whole session, also storage bins for bags and things. 

Foot soak area

I proceeded to the spacious bath area adorned with flowers, and started my foot soak with the therapist. She was so polite to ask me if I was ready to start. She held both my hands and put it on her forehead, then proceeded with the foot wash. She also checked if the temperature was okay for me. I loved it!  

Coco water bath with honey scrub

The highlight of this package is the honey body scrub, which was quite a sensation. I laid down on the bathing bed and was lathered with rich, natural honey. I was massaged with the natural ingredient all over, then rinsed off on the same bed. I instantly felt my skin smoother. Honey's natural humectant properties make it an effective moisturizer. The enzyme activity in honey enables it to penetrate deeply into the skin and bring hydration to the underlying layers. This results in plumper, softer skin with a natural radiant glow.

Coco water jacuzzi with flowers

The coco water jacuzzi was ready once I was rinsed thoroughly. The temperature was warm and it was nice to soak in after a long, busy morning. I was given a 15-minute alone time to stay inside the coco water sprinkled with flowers and petals for added enchantment. It was a tranquil and relieving experience. 

I showered after my dip and then headed back into the room. The therapist assisted me to get ready for the massage. She used hot lava stones with “hagod” technique that easily put me to total rest. I felt my muscle tension melt away as the heat and smoothness of the stones massaged my body. Her technique was so good with ample pressure for aches, tightness, and pains, and she constantly checked in to see if the stones’ heat was tolerable for me. It was sheer bliss. 

Chandelier Restaurant for post-treatment snacks

After the whole spa package, my clothes were returned, fresh and warm from the laundry. Then I was led to the Chandelier Restaurant which had such an extravagant ambiance with lavish decor, lighting, and art pieces. It was a nice spot to unwind and wait for the van as they served apple juice and mango graham cake. Sweet endings, indeed.

The van was ready by the time I was done with my merienda, and the driver even accommodated my request to be dropped off somewhere else instead of the usual drop off point since I was the only passenger he had.

Personal rating: 4.8/5

Duration: 2 hours and 30 minutes 

For inquiries and menu of services, message Helios Spa on Facebook

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