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Cebu’s Only Premium Cat Cafe is Absolute Purrfection

From yummy drinks and dishes to friendly feline friends, Miau Cafe is a big hit!


Cebu City’s culinary industry has continued to become food-forward and trend-hitting, especially now with the massive growth of aesthetic, “Instagrammable” cafes all around the metro. But apart from the ambiance and delicious offerings, uniqueness can really make a place stand out, and Miau Cafe really does! The only premium cat cafe in the city, it is a special dining destination that caters to both food enthusiasts and cat lovers alike. This place doesn’t just have delectable comfort food and drinks, they also have the company of adorable feline friends that make for an unforgettable experience, too. With rave food reviews and charming ambiance, this establishment is a purrfect go-to spot for those seeking a delightful fusion of gastronomy and feline companionship.

Murals by Hanna Soi, Cebu’s top muralist

A Cat Lover’s Happy Place

Stepping into the cafe is almost calming, with big glass windows, decorative hanging lights, and neutral-colored seats and couches. The poured concrete walls give an industrial feel to it, but the hand-painted cat murals in black and gold colors leave a fancy finish. The area is spacious with high ceilings and wooden accents all around, making it inviting, visually pleasing, and relaxing, no wonder this place is populated by digital nomads, foreign tourists, and families, even on the weekdays.

Miau Cafe’s vibe: Industrial but make it fancy

Entre-purr-eneurs Going Big 

Owned by millennial entrepreneurs Aimee Canales and Kyle Marasigan, this power duo’s story is nothing short of amazing. After putting up a successful BPO business together, Kyle, having over 60 cats in total, thought it would be a good idea to open a cat cafe in his hometown at Iligan City, Lanao del Norte. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit just one month after opening day, and the cafe had to be shut down. Sometime after the first cat cafe closed in Cebu City, Kyle and Aimee explored the idea of reviving Miau Cafe, and decided that they pool together their savings for it. “Everything happened so fast,” said Kyle. “After our initial discussions about opening a cat cafe—this time in Cebu—, we started looking for potential locations. When we saw this space, we loved it, and we paid for the down payment on the same day. We didn’t even have any contractors yet! We just knew it had to happen.” As risk-taking business partners, they knew it was a gamble. “We didn’t have any business background in the restaurant industry. But we were eager to learn, and we pulled in the right people to work with. Also… lots of Pinterest!,” Kyle shared. 

Miau Cafe at Bonifacio District, Cebu City

It may have been a gamble, but they hit quite the jackpot. Their opening back in November 2022 was a true success with a jam packed house, including local media outlets and personalities creating buzz for their cafe. Since then, they’ve been catering to families, young barkadas, travelers, and remote workers, with a lot of repeat customers. 

Picturesque with some Taylor Swift lyrics on the wall

So Fur, So Good 

Kyle remembers being surrounded by cats growing up, since they make it a point to feed the strays around their neighborhood. Then in 2016, after a friend gifted him with his first Maine Coon cat, he he liked it so much he purchased his first imported one from Russia, another Maine Coon he named Cersi. This started his “catddiction” and started acquiring more cats in varying breeds. When his furry friends started multiplying, he began gifting them away to family and friends, but soon found out that people were actually willing to pay for them. That’s when his part-time cattery business started. “With every litter there will always be a runt. A runt is the smallest or weakest in a litter, that’s why they’re not really sellable. I kept the runts, and fortunately, when we got the green light for the cat cafe, I put them all there, so other people can have better appreciation for them,” explained Kyle. 

Scientific evidence shows that a cat's purr can calm your nervous system and lower your blood pressure.

Truly, these cute creatures are gaining popularity, because not only do they have friendly temperaments, they’re also used to interacting with daily visitors. “Right now, we have 20 cats in the cafe, the maximum number of cats we can keep as per the Bureau of Animal Industry,” Kyle shared.

These cats are feeling cozy.

Fancy Felines

The cats are housed inside a catquarium, where they are spoiled with floor cushions, perching boxes, window beds, a cat wheel, and lots of quality cat food and water, with hidden litter boxes and large air purifiers. Cat nannies are on the cafe’s payroll too, as they daily manage the catquarium in terms of visitors, feeding, grooming, and overall sanitation (they do daily cleaning from 2 PM to 3 PM, an hour no-visitor break for the cats, too). They also have a weekly check up from their licensed veterinarian, who ensures that the furry creatures are in optimum health for human socialization and petting. Guests can also spoil them extra when they purchase treats and play with them, with readily available toys they can borrow. All felines are vaccinated, too, so when the inevitable play bites or accidental scratches happen (on rare occasions), the visitors can have peace of mind that they are just minor wounds with no grave repercussions.

From blankies to toys, these babies are spoiled!

Yummy Catpuccinos and Pawstas 

What sets Miau Cafe apart from the rest is not only its feline inhabitants but also its culinary delight. The cafe takes pride in its menu, which showcases a selection of comfort food. From sumptuous pastas and mouthwatering sandwiches to aromatic coffees and frappes, the cafe's offerings cater to a wide range of palates, ensuring that every guest's taste buds are thoroughly satisfied. 

From dopamine-spiking frappes to yummy rice dishes, Miau Cafe aims to please

I tried the following drinks and dishes and here are my honest reviews and personal recommendations:

Strawberry Cheesecake Frappe, KitKat Frappe & Purple Yam Frappe (P220/each) 

All frappes are delicious with ample amounts of ingredients, blended to a smooth drink, but since I’m not a fan of sweet drinks, I would request them to lessen the sugar next time. I highly enjoyed the Purple Yam Frappe, as it reminded me of a favorite childhood ice cream, with its initial yam flavor that melts and finishes in your mouth with caramel notes. I’d give all their frappes an 8/10. 

Chicken Pesto Pasta (P420); This is packed with fresh pesto and tender, juicy chicken cutlets! The pasta was al dente, too. The oil was too much for me, but overall, I’d still come back for it! 8/10!

Spaghetti Bolognese with Meatballs (P360); This one is an Italian style spaghetti, but a dash of salt would’ve made it perfect. I like how the cheese was melted on top and the tiny chunks of tomatoes and onions tasted fresh and succulent. It’s on the sour taste profile which I like, but the meatballs could’ve used more seasoning. 7/10 

Sunny Side Croffle (P250); A croissant waffle! What a genius idea! The bread was flakey and moist, it was decadent. I just wish they added farmer's ham in between the cheese and egg, I can imagine its saltiness being a good contrast to the drizzled honey on top. The sweetness was a bit too overpowering for the dish but all the elements were separately cooked and prepared well. 6/10

Grilled Three Cheese Sandwich with Marinara Dip (P320); I was so happy with this sandwich! My face lit up with one bite, because the bread was perfectly airy and crispy, and the cheese had the right amount of saltiness from the cheddar. The marinara sauce had thick consistency with the right amount of tanginess. What you see is what you get, it’s nothing fancy, but I really liked it. 10/10

Chicken Katsu with Rice (P350); The chicken filet could’ve been thicker and denser but the batter was crispy and the katsu sauce reminded me of McDonald’s BBQ sauce for McNuggets, so I’d give this one a solid 8/10!

Beef Tapa with Rice (P380); Highly umami, the marinated tapa melts in your mouth, with a malasado sunny side up egg and a side of vinegar. The marinade of the beef may be a bit salty for some, but I liked it given the vinegar’s acidity balances it out. I’d give this one 9/10.

Iced Black Tea Passionfruit, Green Tea Peach Lemonade and AlmondTella Croffles

Their iced tea best-sellers steeped with Dilmah tea bags are refreshing and a sure way to get caffeinated. They are strong, freshly steeped iced teas priced at P200 each, with their fully distinct fruit flavors (9/10). For a sweet ending, the AlmondTella Croffles (P200) is a highly satisfying dessert, with a generous amount of thinly sliced almonds and drizzled Nutella chocolate on top. The dough is soft, flakey, and chewy, and the almonds are crispy. It was such a simple but delicious treat. 10/10!

As for the price points? “We’re a bit priced higher than the usual cafes in the city because maintaining the health and happiness of our cats is pretty costly, too. With the price increase of cat food and kitty litter, we had to add a bit of margin on our dishes and drinks, because we also don’t have a door charge for people to play with and pet our cats,” Kyle explained. For every purchase of P250/person, you get a 15-minute pass inside the catquarium. A maximum of 10 pax is allowed at a time. 

Catquarium rules

Pawsitive Reviews

The premium cat cafe has been getting glowing reviews (4.4 on Facebook), giving it a reputation as a must-visit hotspot when in Cebu. I personally praise Miau Café's exceptional food, highlighting their best-selling croffles, generous portions, and delightful presentation. On top of that, the service and the welcoming nature of the café's resident feline friends add an extra layer of enjoyment to the overall experience.

The catquarium

Responsible Pawrenthood

From feeding to grooming to spaying and neutering, Miau Cafe is committed to their cats’ health and safety, not just their business’ profit. They also took the initiative to rescue stray ones, but of course with the clearance that they are in tip top shape to cohabitate with their resident cats. 

Cat nannies keep the catquarium harmonious and clean

The process to put up a cat cafe was a tedious and challenging one, especially with the involvement of the Bureau of Animal Industry in Cebu, but as we see, purr-severance wins. What amazes me is how one man’s genuine love for cats was able to impact many, as Kyle has influenced his other colleagues and friends to look beyond the misconceptions about cats and appreciate their quirks as pets. Now, his love and passion for his feline family hit the sweet spot because his “catddiction” has given him and Aimee new opportunities as entrepreneurs (they’re setting their eyes to expand with their first mall branch by next year), and even create a small community with the same admiration for these lovable, furry companions. 

For those looking to relieve their stress or simply enjoy watching these cats tumble and sleep over good food and coffee, visit Miau Cafe at the Bonifacio District, Faustina Center, Cebu City. They have high-speed internet, too.