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Fitspiration: Electric Studio Co-Founder Kristina Sy

This mom turned her passion for fitness into a full-blown business!

Some like working out. Some think it's fun. For others, it's a lifestyle, while for some it's a serious passion. All these ring true for Kristina Sy, the CEO and Co-Founder of wildly popular Electric Studio here in Manila. As a young mom and entrepreneur, she manages to put fitness on the forefront of her daily life, and for good reason. As we will find out, Kristina has always been passionate about fitness, so much so that she decided to quit her corporate job in the US to pursue the business opportunity here in the Philippines. Electric Studio is truly successful in the workout studio scene, and now we're about to get to know the power woman behind it. Keep reading to get fit-spired!

Kristina Sy

Metro.Style: Tell us about yourself and what you do now, what your passions are, and how you keep fit.

Kristina Sy: I am the CEO, Co-Founder and Instructor at Electric Studio, the country’s first and largest indoor cycling and Rhythm Boxing studio. I am also a mom to my 2-year-old son, Luiz, and dog mom to my 1-year-old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Loki. Working out, specifically music-based group fitness classes, has always been a passion of mine which is why I left my corporate banking career in New York to start what is now Electric Studio. Whenever I travel, part of my itinerary is looking for the best boutique studio to try. I love meeting fellow owners and instructors and seeing how different fitness communities come together.


MS: What kind of workouts do you love doing? How did you get into all these? Have you always been into fitness?

KS: I’m currently in love with two workouts–indoor cycling and rhythm boxing, both at Electric Studio. I regularly teach these classes because I love the cross-training benefits it provides me. While indoor cycling gives me endurance and stamina, boxing improves my strength and coordination. Additionally, I work out because the benefits it gives me are far beyond the physical. Indoor cycling gives me the much needed me time I long for, a special moment where I can simply let go and get lost with the beat of the music. Boxing on the other hand, allows me to release my energy and power in the box room, with a huge emphasis on mental endurance and focus.

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MS: How long have you been doing them and what are some of the challenges you've faced?

KS: I’ve been obsessed with indoor cycling since 2012, which is why I created Electric Studio in 2015. Since there was nothing in the country at that time, I wanted to bring that same workout I was addicted to in New York to the Philippines. For boxing, my love of the sport started in 2019, and Electric Studio Rhythm Boxing came to life in 2020. I wanted to demystify boxing as a sport only for professional boxers and show that it can be something everyone can love and get addicted to. Electric Boxing was also the first of its kind, giving boxers the chance to punch as a group to the beat of the music.

The toughest but most exciting thing about both workouts is no matter how often you’ve been doing it, there’s always room to improve and learn something new. For cycling, you can turn the resistance higher, grab a heavier set of weights, or add new choreography in class. For boxing, you can work on your technique, try longer combinations, or punch with more power. When I find myself trying to come back to the rhythm of things after a break, I always find building back my endurance and strength to be challenging but extremely exciting. I love how these workouts never gets dull because there’s always a new feat to master.


MS: Describe a day in your life, and how you manage to squeeze in time for a workout.

KS: As an instructor, I normally teach three times a week and alternate between cycling and boxing. When I find another 45 mins free during my work week, I do another strength training or core class at home, using Electric’s On Demand platform, or I go to a traditional boxing gym for a 1:1 class. To be honest, there are days I can find time to exercise 3-4 times a week but there will be times I’ll do zero. I’ve learned to not beat myself up over it, because as a mom entrepreneur, there will really be days or even weeks when something more important will come up that I need to prioritize–such as a sick baby or a big launch at work. When there are weeks like that, I always tell myself that it’s temporary and that I will get back to my rhythm in no time.

MS: What about your diet? Do you follow a strict regimen and how does it supplement your activities? I’ve never followed any strict diets because I believe anything prohibitive or drastic yields short term results. This rings parallelisms to my belief in working out–finding an exercise you truly love will be the only workout you will do regularly, therefore it will be the only workout that will actually work. I have the same belief with nutrition. You must choose a balanced diet that’s sustainable, something you can do for the rest of your life. Personally, since I am mostly moving throughout the day, I eat 4-5 small frequent meals versus a few large ones. My breakfast usually consists of fruits or yogurt, and the rest of my meals alternate between fish, meat, rice, or vegetables. I don’t eat a lot of fast food or fried food, but my one weakness which I can’t say no to is fried chicken. I always make sure to eat a small snack 1-2 hours before I workout, then eat a moderate amount after I exercise to help my muscles recover. I must constantly remind myself to drink a lot of water to keep myself hydrated and balance my caffeine input. I also treat myself to a “healthy” amount of sweets and salty snacks, but always in moderation.


MS: How do you treat yourself?

KS: Some people are addicted to sweets, some prefer salty. I’m truly a sucker for both. I love cookies and chocolates and I also love to snack on chips. You’ll always find these snacks in my kitchen. I’m also guilty of being a midnight snacker! I’m a firm believer in eating in moderation and not restricting myself from any type of food, coupled with regular exercise.

MS: Your best advice for women who struggle to keep a fitness routine.

KS: Find a workout you love. Find an exercise you actually look forward to doing regularly, because that’s the only fitness regimen that’s going to work. If you dread the workout you are currently doing and find yourself having to convince yourself to get out of bed to do it, then it’s definitely not the workout for you. The most effective exercise is the one that doesn’t feel like work because that’s what you will commit to doing regularly.

Additionally, I believe it’s time to change people’s perspective on fitness. Do it not because you want to look good in the beach or want abs. Do it for longer term benefits such as being able to carry your child even when you are in your 60s. Do it because you want to be able to go on adventures and travel well into your 70s. Do it because you want to be able to see your grandchildren finish school. Do it because you want to live a long healthy life. Health is in fact an investment, not an expense.

Photos courtesy of Kristina Sy