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Metro Gift Guide 2023: Gifts That Inspire Rest

Share the gift of rest this hectic Christmas season with these 10 awesome gift finds

Gift-giving is once again in the air! As traffic gets heavier in our streets, and shopping bazaars pop left and right, we can’t deny that giving presents to our loved ones is a big part of the Christmas spirit. I thought long and hard on how I want to approach the gift-giving this year. Being mindful with my spending and purchases, I didn’t want to give just another item that will be collecting dust as soon as the new year rings in. I also don’t have the time to ask for their sizes should I consider something fashion-related, and most will be celebrating with food, so I thought it would not only be practical but also deeply thoughtful to give presents that inspire rest. Everybody’s busy hustling for the last month of the year, making it the perfect moment to encourage them to rest, get comfortable, and even take the time off with these neat gift ideas. 

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Massage MNL Advent Calendar Box

Why just give one gift when you can give the whole experience in a box? This Advent Calendar from MassageMNL is a beautifully boxed gift set that comes with elements that make up a spa: their slow burn signature scented candle, relaxing massage oil, re-energizing essential oils roller blend, nourishing face serum, calming room and linen spray, soothing body balm, and a comforting loose-leaf tea bag. Massage MNL is the number 1 specialized home service massage in the Philippines, and their growing number of clients is a testament to their excellence. From lymphatic to prenatal to their signature massage, they really are experts when it comes to rest and relaxation. To bring the full spa experience to the recipient of this gift box, add on some gift certificates available in P500 or P1000 denominations. Surely, your loved one can enjoy total relaxation with privacy and comfort.


  • Massage MNL Advent Calendar Box

Yesoul Compact Massage Gun

Remember back when massage guns were almost the same length and width as laptops? They were so big they had to have their own bag case! Well… not anymore! The Yesoul Compact Massage Gun is now just about the same length as a mobile phone. Don’t let its cuteness fool you though. This small, powerful wellness gadget can give deep muscular relief with its 3 levels of intensity and 4 different massage heads. The spherical head (round, ball type) is good for large muscle groups like legs, chest, buttocks and back; the double fork head (a wide U shape) good for the neck and spine; the bullet head (rounded peg type) perfect for deep tissue relief on palms and heels; and the mushroom head (flat and round type) for general relaxation and shaping various muscles. It comes in many different colors (available light pink, black, and navy blue) and a nice gift bag.


  • Yesoul Compact Massage Gun

Solove Electric Hot Compress

You know those items you never thought you needed until you got one? Yup, this is it. The Solove Electric Hot Compress is easy, fuss-free, reusable, and heats up in just 10 minutes with warmth that lasts up to 6 hours. This hot compress is an essential for every home and can even be a good travel must-have, especially when planning trips for winter. It gives quick relief to period cramps, joint stiffness, and muscle spasms, and is a handy item when you just want to relax with a nice, warm pillow as you drift to sleep in a cold room (trust me, it is an experience). It comes with a wearable belt-pouch that you can put around your body with adjustable velcro straps for secure positioning. The 8-layer protective case ensures that you can use the heated pillow for hours, with comfort and ease.


  • Solove Electric Hot Compress

Nami Carolina Wellness Day Pass

Make it a group gift package and plan a girls day trip to share a relaxing experience altogether! Treat your favorite besties with the Nami Carolina Wellness Day Pass. Designed for an intimate get-together of 2 to 4 pax, it comes with a delectable 3-course meal prepared by Nami Carolina’s highly-trained chefs, and a revitalizing massage in their glamping spa tent. The sprawling greenery of the farm makes it a nice spot to sunbathe, do some grounding, and catch some fresh air, too. To elevate the whole experience, you may choose to have a private yoga class for an additional fee, maximum of 4 pax per session. 


  • Nami Carolina Wellness Day Pass

Barcino DIY Charcuterie Set

Truly this is the season to treat yourself. And that means not torturing yourself with JUST uber healthy food every single meal. What better way to relax and unwind than with a glass of Sangria at hand and a delicious charcuterie spread to pick on? Good thing Barcino has their own grazing box gift kits with several food items that you can just unpack and arrange beautifully on a serving board. The products in the DIY charcuterie box are authentic Spanish Iberico Semicurado, Queso Hispanico, Nico Jamon Serrano, tostaditas, nuts, dried mangoes, raisins, and a bottle of Barcino classic Sangria for the complete and gastronomic gift experience.


  • Barcino DIY Charcuterie Set

Foot Zone Customizable Gift Certificates

As the leading Chinese massage spa in the country, Foot Zone has gained a cult following thanks to their authentic Chinese foot massage that launched 20 years ago. Their unique Xiamen-style foot reflexology is a therapeutic practice designed to stimulate various reflex points on the feet and legs. It is the perfect gift for mom and dad, or a loved one always on the go, in need of deep muscular relief, with benefits that go beyond relaxation. Applying pressure to specific points on the feet, stimulation occurs, and with each point corresponding to different internal organs. This leads to improved blood circulation, positively impacting vital organs such as the kidney, heart, stomach, liver, brainstem, and colon. Enhanced blood circulation not only boosts overall body performance but also aids in the release of toxins, for an overall sense of well-being and rejuvenation. Want a different type of massage for your recipient? You may custom choose a massage service or package that best suits your loved one’s needs. Call them to customize and the electronic gift certificates will be sent via email once the transaction is complete. Foot Zone is easily accessible with 7 branches all over Metro Manila, and one in Boracay Island.

  • Foot Zone Customizable Gift Certificates

Human Nature Cooling Bath Set

There is something therapeutic about a nice long bath, and it is extra soothing when we use products with ingredients that come directly from nature. Human Nature is the largest social enterprise in the country for personal care products that are all natural and proudly local. Their Cool-tide Season gift pack has their Cooling Body Cleanser and Natural Cooling Lotion that refreshes with a cooling sensation! The scent is calming while the overall feel is relaxing, and it is the perfect duo for those who get hot easily, or those who enjoy recreating spa-like experiences at the comfort of their own homes. 


  • Human Nature Cooling Bath Set

Body Koala Universal Nap Pillow

Encourage family and friends to prioritize sleep with this ergonomically designed nap-anywhere pillow from Body Koala. The pillow core is made with slow-recovery memory foam to ensure the head is well rested and supported in any position. I love how soft and firm it is at the same time, providing total comfort and support. It can be used on a desk, on a chair, in an airplane, while commuting, or even lying down. It&rsquo;s the perfect gift for jetsetters, workaholics, or those who need to recharge in the middle of the day with a good old power nap. It comes with a washable cover and a travel pouch.&nbsp; <p>&nbsp;</p>


  • Body Koala Universal Nap Pillow

Emma Sleep Weighted Blanket

Gift deeper, quality sleep with a premium weighted blanket from Emma Sleep, made with breathable bamboo fabric that feels like a hug. Weighted blankets provide a gentle, evenly distributed pressure across the body, and this deep touch pressure has been associated with the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that contributes to feelings of well-being and relaxation. It can also be particularly beneficial for individuals with anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorders, or those experiencing situational stress. Over all, many say that this bedroom must-have has given them improved sleep quality. The calming effect of deep touch pressure may help regulate and better sleep patterns, making it easier for some individuals to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. It&rsquo;s the ideal gift for those who suffer with sleep problems like insomnia, and those who love working out, as it can also provide a lot of muscular tension relief.


  • Emma Sleep Weighted Blanket

Body Koala Ergonomic Seat Cushion

City traffic can be draining and exhausting, but with the right gear, it can be a more comfortable experience. Driving for hours can take a toll on the back, buttocks, and legs, and a good seat cushion is not just essential, it&rsquo;s also very beneficial physically. Give the gift comfort and ease with Body Koala&rsquo;s ergonomically designed seat cushion made with slow-recovery memory foam. It&rsquo;s the ideal present for those who drive daily, or even those who do desk work in their office chairs for prolonged periods of time. Designed with a cooling gel in the middle of the foam, it provides a sweat-free experience despite long hours of sitting. It supports the lower back, tailbone and hip bones, alleviates numbness while sitting and pressure sores, and is even good for pregant women. Its bottom is non-slip for a secure, snug seat, and also comes in a washable outer cover for quick and easy sanitizing.&nbsp;


  • Body Koala Ergonomic Seat Cushion

Whether you decide to give the gift of rest or something else to your loved ones and friends, what’s important is that we give freely, mindfully, lovingly, and cheerfully. And should we graciously receive, whether in gift or kind, may we always respond with genuine gratitude. 

Metro Gift Guide 2023: Thoughtful Gifts for Better Sleep


Metro Gift Guide 2023: Thoughtful Gifts for Better Sleep

Navigating Through the Holiday Hustle


Navigating Through the Holiday Hustle