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Metro Beauty Insider: TikTok Celebrity Miss Nate Makeup

He shares how beauty is generational for him.

We all often start out in life knowing what it is we dream to be—a doctor, a fashion designer, an actress, the list goes on. Other times, we inherit our family's business, and that allows us to express ourselves through the work that we've been trained to do through the years. For others though, once they land their ideal job, they get led to an even better one, something they hadn't planned doing, but end up falling in love with it even more. Such is the case for Nate Javier, better known as "missnatemakeup" on social media. 

Having a mom who was a makeup artist and salon owner in the past, Nate naturally grew a fondness for the field of beauty, being exposed to that world growing up. He graduated at the Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Development Studies, but has pursued being a professional makeup artist after a brief stint with the family business. Nate took a gap year after college to pursue studies on makeup, and has then become one of the more well-known beauty influencers in the local scene today. Nate is now a full-time beauty and lifestyle content creator, with over 518,000 followers on TikTok as of publishing time. Safe to say his voice is one of the most sought-after in beauty today, and lucky for us, we got to chat with him about how he got on this path, his current wishlist, and his worst beauty blunder! 

Nate Javier aka "missnatemakeup"

Metro.Style: How long have you been in the beauty biz and what got you started? 

Miss Nate: It’s a generational thing for me actually. My mom was a makeup artist and salon owner in the past. I guess seeing her in that line of work got me interested in beauty. I would play around with her makeup kit in secret–it had to be in secret as I wasn’t out at the time yet, I was around 16 years old. I even got into some trouble in school come high school. I was in an all-boys Catholic school and as you may have guessed, makeup or any sort of cosmetics were not allowed in campus. Mere possession of women’s cosmetics (including perfume, LOL!) could easily land you a demerit and a trip to the Guidance Counselor’s office.

Years later, as I came out of the closet and could freely express myself through makeup, I asked my grandpa if I could borrow some money to enroll myself in a makeup school. I was a sophomore in college back then. With a few old tools from my mom’s then retired makeup kit and a really tight budget, I spent my summer vacation taking makeup classes. 


Being in college, my first “clients” were my classmates–I’d always be the one assigned to do makeup if they had performances or presentations. Little by little, I built my portfolio and come junior year I was earning money from doing makeup for my friends’ graduation photos. 

After college, I tried working in the family business but it wasn’t for me. I decided to take a “gap year” to pursue my makeup artistry. I figured that if I were going the corporate route like so many of my friends were, I’d be looking for a good boss/company to be mentored by. Applying that line of thought in the beauty industry, I started to look for someone to mentor me as a makeup artist. I emailed my credentials to popular makeup artists at the time–Gery Peñaso, Ting Duque and Albert Kurniawan to name a few. Luckily, Albert at the time was looking to form a team of makeup artists and with whatever luck I had, I got the job. 

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I got to learn the tricks of the trade through him and although we are not in the best of terms now, I will say that he opened a lot of doors for me. I worked under him for two years, sometimes as a personal assistant and sometimes an extra makeup artist for bridal entourages. Aside from makeup application, some of the things I learned were about etiquette in the industry, client relations and making good industry connections.

From there I worked my way up to being booked for a few celebrities here and there, some commercial work but the bulk of my clients were in the wedding and events industry. This would come in handy later on for my TikTok Career as I got to practice on the faces of regular people and not just celebrities or influencers. 

MS:  Have you always been into makeup? 

MN: Yes, the first time I dabbled in makeup was after the release of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi Music Video back in 2009. I vividly remember opening my mom’s pro makeup kit in secret and looking for eyeliners I could use to try and recreate Lady Gaga’s makeup. 


MS:  When did you first start your TikTok account and what made you pursue to do it full-time?

MN: I started my TikTok account out of boredom during the pandemic. It was around June 2020 when I got tired of my usual pandemic routine of playing video games all day. I downloaded the TikTok app, which was considered tacky and sketchy at the time, just for the fun of it. I started out doing comedy skits and would sometimes wear makeup for said skits. I wasn’t really thinking about becoming a creator back then–TikTok was all just for fun. 

In one of the skits I made, I wore a wig and a full face of makeup and I was surprised to see some people asking me for a tutorial on the look. Primarily, TikTok was a dancing and entertainment app and educational content was not the norm at the time. Out of boredom, I did make my first makeup video–a contour tutorial which got so many views I couldn’t believe it happened. I woke up to around 127k views on that video. I put two and two together and realized I could create beauty content on TikTok. 

MS: Who are your beauty inspirations?

MN: I see Bretman Rock as a beauty inspiration, both in physical appearance and character. Locally, I look up to Mimiyuuuh as an icon!


MS: Describe a day in your life. 

MN: Recently, I got into fitness and nowadays I start my day with an hour of working out. I also use this time to plan my day and think about what content I’m film that day (or if I’m going to film at all, hehe). I do my skincare after my morning shower. Most days I film that process and do storytelling content while I do my skincare or makeup for that day. 

A few times a week, I’d attend events and if I’m attending one, I make sure to document the getting ready process. The bulk of my afternoon will be for filming a video or attending an event. I usually have dinner with friends since some of them are living in the same building as me. At night I usually edit my videos and submit them to brands I work with. 

MS:  If you had to live with just three beauty products forever, what would they be?

MN: It would be sunscreen, brow gel, and a lip tint.

For sunscreen, it would be Anessa’s Perfect UV Skincare Milk. This one is a little heavy but it’s a tried and tested formula for the best sun protection.

I wouldn’t be able to live without brow gel–specifically Benefit’s 24H brow setter. Brows really do make the biggest difference as they frame your face, and at the very least I would like for my brow hairs to be in place.

Lastly is any multi use product that can be used for the lips and the cheeks–something like the Benefit Benetint, super simple to use and just an overall good color for anyone.

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MS:  Have you ever been a beauty victim in the past? Are there beauty mistakes you committed?

MN: My worst beauty mistake would have to be not knowing how to apply a lash properly. For me, it’s the most make or break thing in a makeup look. I struggled with it as a makeup artist and when I’m doing makeup on myself. My biggest ick would have to be if the lashband is seen through the lashband of false eyelashes.

MS: What's next on your beauty wishlist?

MN: More than products, I’d actually love to try more beauty treatments. Whatever the latest machine, laser or treatment is now, I’d love to try it. To name a few I particularly got interested in Belo’s Exosomes Treatment and Aivee’s Gentle Laser Pore.

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MS:  What do you love most about what you do?

MN: I love sharing the joy of beauty! Doing my makeup and skincare brings me so much joy in my everyday life and I know there are so many people who love it as much as I do. One of the best things for me is when I help people get to know that same joy I feel when I do my routines. I love being in a community of like-minded people to whom I don’t have to justify why the beauty treatments and products ARE worth my time and money.

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