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Need A Break? Here’s Where You Can Have Your Self-Care Day

Hint: it involves some skin lovin’ and some tasty, healthy grub

Don’t you just wish every day was a weekend? With the everyday hustle and bustle, sometimes you just need a day–to relax, breathe, and pamper yourself. And what better way to do it than skincare and some good food? But instead of doing the usual at-home DIY beauty treatments a la sheet mask straight from the refrigerator and eating some ramen and kimchi after, you may want to try something different and really go all in for this pamper day, for the sole reason that you deserve it!

Treat Yourself To A Celeb-Worthy Facial This Valentine’s Day


Treat Yourself To A Celeb-Worthy Facial This Valentine’s Day

Where should you go, you might ask. At an aesthetic clinic of course! But not just any kind of clinic, one that also has a cafe right next to it. Now, that’s the dream. So we visited the Aivee Clinic, a go-to for many celebs and influencers to achieve and maintain their best skin, for an afternoon of skin treatments and a bite to eat at their Aivee Cafe after.

We started the day off with a much-needed facial featuring Aivee’s newest skincare innovation, Astralight, a new FDA-approved IPL (Intense Pulse Light treatment) photofacial therapy that treats various skin conditions and hair removal for a total skin resurgence. We had a skin analysis session, steaming, and extraction before any of the procedures started. We then got rid of dead skin cells with a Diamond Peel and then got the Astralight treatment that made our skin visibly brighter after just one session. Everything was so precise and pleasant that we didn’t even realize everything was done!

The Aivee Astralight

After all that skin prep, we chow. We ended the day with a delicious, healthy meal that had us not only full but recharged. The series of meals started with the Holy Kale. It’s a drink made from grapes and kale leaves. And it’s honestly unlike any juice I’ve tasted before. It’s a little bit addicting to drink. Good thing it’s healthy! We had to pace our drink for the rest of the meal but it’s easy to see why this refreshing drink is famous among clients. Another crowd favorite from the menu is their Nori Cheese Sticks with Strawberry and Pesto sauce appetizer. Mind you, this is not your ordinary cheese stick– it’s much bigger and you get to dip it in a shot glass that has cool-looking sauces. Try not to scarf this down if you have more food coming because this will definitely get you full.

Nori Cheese Sticks

For the mains, we were treated to Dr. Z’s signature Singaporean dishes. There was Hainanese Chicken, Chicken Curry and Singaporean Bee Hon. All three meals were so filling that I recommend sharing the meal with a friend because they are all big enough to share! But if you’re flying solo, you can always just take the rest home so you’ll have your next meal covered. 

Dr. Z's signature Singaporean dishes: Hainanese Chicken, Singaporean Bee Hon
Chicken Curry

You can thank past you for taking care of future you. And that’s another self-care point you can add to the tally. Remember to take care of yourself today!

Holy Kale

The A Institute and Aivee Cafe are located at 3rd Floor Burgos Park Bldg., Forbestown Road, BGC, Taguig