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Global Show Shines Spotlight on The Aivee Clinic for its Unique and Exceptional Brand of Service

Find out what captivated Dr. Steven Dayan and Dr. Sabrina Fabi, world-renowned celebrity dermatologists and plastic surgeons from the United States, to feature the clinic on their online educational program “Thriving Cribs”

Drs. Dayan and Fabi, the hosts of the program that features the finest movers and shakers of the aesthetic world, took their 1,200 global online viewers with them to visit The Aivee Clinic’s flagship space in BGC, Philippines. Through a virtual tour, the audience was treated to preview of what it was like to step into an Aivee clinic. And through in-depth interviews, they were also shown how the power couple, Drs. Aivee and Z Teo, has solidified their position as the most trusted dermatology and aesthetic clinic in the country. 

Dr. Steven Dayan, Dr. Sabrina Fabi, Dr. Aivee Aguilar Teo, Dr. Z Teo

Well-known for being an aesthetic clinic that delivers topnotch services using state-of-the-art treatments and facilities, it is no surprise that the The Aivee Clinic has remained as one of the Philippines and Singapore’s go-to beauty meccas. In fact, the name has created so much buzz in the Filipino community in the U.S. that it became one of the reasons why Thriving Cribs flew to Manila and personally check out the famed clinic.

They saw and experienced firsthand what it was like to set foot in an aesthetic clinic that, not only makes you look and feel good, but looks after your overall well-being, too. If you haven’t seen the whole Thriving Cribs program yet (which you probably should because it’s highly educational especially if you are in the beauty business, as Drs. Aivee and Z have shared tons of valuable tips!), allow us to walk you through what happened in the program and share why The Aivee Clinic continues to thrive.


Every single detail in The Aivee Clinic is rooted in comfort. After all, it’s an Aivee touch that brings in patients from all over the globe, apart from, of course, their world-class service.  This kind of comfort is evident the moment you enter the BGC clinic. A harpist welcomes you with relaxing music that will instantly put you at ease, most especially if you are about to go through an unfamiliar procedure.

“Important point is the quality of the music that you listen to,” shared Dr. Fabi. “It can have an impact in mind and mood to prepare us for pain.”

While not all clinics have the luxury of a live harp playing by the lobby, Dr. Aivee ensures that the same kind and quality of music are heard within the rest of the clinics through their signature Aivee playlist.

A harpist welcomes you with relaxing music that will instantly put you at ease.

Comfort was also one of the reasons why they built the Aivee Café within their clinic, shared Dr. Z. The power doctor duo was aware that the waiting time might take too long, most especially for the companions because of the clinic’s in-demand schedule. So, they thought, a café where everyone can relax and enjoy healthy food while waiting would be a thoughtful touch. 

“What’s unique in the Philippines [is that] most people would come as a group… So, we have to make sure that the family’s comfortable, everyone’s eating, [and] no one’s upset about waiting… Everyone’s having a good time,” explained Dr. Aivee.

The Aivee Café is a place where everyone can relax and enjoy healthy food while waiting.


The Aivee Clinic wasn’t given numerous recognitions by different reputable institutions, such as Merz Aesthetics Philippines, Allergan Aesthetics, and Teoxane Laboratories, for nothing. Dr. Aivee makes sure that she is hands-on down to the last patient, in all her 6 clinics. This routine is famously known as the “Aivee Day” among her loyal patients. This is when she stations in one of her clinics to personally attend to her patients’ needs, do the treatment herself, and oversee all the procedures when the clinic opens until it finally closes. 

Apart from being able to have a personal connection with her patients and potential ones, doing this allows Dr. Aivee to ensure the quality of the treatments and procedures that are happening within the clinic. Truly, her passion and dedication to what she does makes her brand thrive globally. 

It’s also interesting to note that her clinics utilize the NextMotion System that’s made to standardize the patient’s photos taken before and after the procedure. It also provides accurate images, with 3D simulations, to help Dr. Aivee and her team assess and monitor every single case from start to finish.

Dr. Aivee Aguilar Teo doing a treatment demo for Dr. Sabrina Fabi


Dr. Aivee isn’t the type to just do what she does best with your face or body, and then leave you at that. As mentioned above, she loves consistency and this shows through even with the way she sees beauty. 

“It’s important that we treat them not only temporarily but we want a total change of lifestyle. We want a permanent result for our patients,” said Dr. Aivee.

She also mentioned that, for example, a patient undergoes through a liposuction, she doesn’t just do the exact procedure but she also gets the involvement of their in-house nutritionist to help in maintaining the patient’s health post operations. 

“We want to make sure that they’re not only treated in the clinic but we also know what they’re eating outside and we want to be part of that planning,” explained Dr. Aivee. “We have a meal plan designed for our patients and we do it in-house. We call it the Dr. Food. We’re able to monitor what they eat and so the success rate of our treatment is even better. We just don’t them to get temporary results. We want the long-term effect.”

Staying true to their holistic approach, on their official website, you can also find an assortment of beauty products—from makeup, at-home hair and skin care kits, to wellness tablets and an organic smoothie blender. 


In line with one of the goals of The Aivee clinic, which is to provide as much comfort as possible to the patients, Dr. Z emphasized that he wants their clinics to be a one-stop shop: “I want them all to be here so we can also take care of them the way we want them to be taken care of.” 

Because of this, their patients do not need to go to a hospital or other places after a procedure just to recuperate. Such that when a patient just had a major operation, they can simply stay in the flagship clinic’s hotel-like recovery suite for 1 to 2 days to recuperate. Here, they can also relax with their companions and enjoy healthy meals which they can order from the Aivee Café and be delivered straight to the room. 

Apart from their complete facilities, the award-winning clinic also has an impressive roster of experts ranging from plastic surgeons, nutritionist, to urologists and aesthetic OB-GYNEs.

“You have to treat the patient as a whole. We want everything to be integrated…so that they can see the full results of what we’re doing,” shared Dr. Aivee. “We [also] want to specialize our treatment to a specific doctor so that the results are good and that they really see a particular doctor for a particular concern.” 

The Aivee Clinic Is Your #1 Trusted Dermatology And Aesthetics Clinic. Here's Why!


The Aivee Clinic Is Your #1 Trusted Dermatology And Aesthetics Clinic. Here's Why!


Whenever it is “Aivee Day”, a cup of sorbetes, the Filipino version of an ice cream, will welcome patients as they open the doors to the BGC clinic. A soulful music from an actual harpist will accompany them at the lobby as they wait for your turn to be treated. A glass of Aivee Café’s signature welcome drink called the “Holy Kale” will also be offered to them to keep them refreshed while waiting. 

Before a non-invasive procedure, the patients are given a fresh set of silk robes and head bands so they can feel as comfortable as possible while being treated. 

During the tour of Drs. Dayan and Fabi, they also noticed the calming and pristine interiors of the clinic which greatly contributed to the overall relaxing experience. This prompted Dr. Fabi to ask if The Aivee Clinic is “more than just a technique with a treatment”, and that if “it’s the experience that people have” that participates in their loyalty and keeps them coming back. 

The Aivee team

To which Dr. Aivee responded: “We’ve always been particular about the experience; about the branding; [and] about making it a complete and total experience for everybody. We’re not just doing their treatments, it’s actually a lifestyle. It’s important that they feel very comfortable. They love the ambiance, they love the setup, they love the interior, and that’s always been our philosophy from the start.”

Dr. Fabi agreed, while Dr. Dyan added that one of the reasons of the clinic’s success is also because of the pleasant way the patients’ feel when they leave.

“The results have to be there otherwise they won’t come back,” emphasizes Dr. Aivee. But another important factor is their overall feeling, experience, and the comfort that they have when they come to our clinic.”

Watch the full episode on “Thriving Cribs: The Celebrity Physician in Manila” here:

For more details, check out the Aivee Clinic’s website and Instagram page. Book Your Appointment Now! Call the Aivee Clinic Hotline Number at (0917) 728-3838.

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