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Common Pet Insurance Questions Answered

ICYMI, you can now insure your dogs in the Philippines. Here’s what you need to know

As the pandemic continues to trigger emotional and mental well-being, Filipinos have turned to their dogs for a sense of companionship and motivation. Apart from recording the highest ownership of dogs in Asia last year, the Philippines also posted the most number of Google searches on pet adoption and pets for sale. 

As more Filipinos become pet owners, the demand for dog-related products and services also increases, with pet insurance being one of more frequently spoken about topics in community groups. However, the lack of awareness on the availability of pet insurance keeps dog owners from understanding how it can actually benefit the dog and the owner.

Pet owners can now easily access protection plans for their pets on digital platforms. One such product is the Malayan Pet Care insurance is available for purchase through GCash.

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Zimba Aldiano, caring for four “aspins” (asong Pinoy) and member of Dog Lovers Philippines Facebook community group, expressed her interest in getting Malayan Pet Care insurance when she saw it in her GCash app. “My dogs are aged 7,2, and half-year old. My experience with them taught me that vet bills can easily be more expensive than my own healthcare expenses, especially that my hospital bills are covered by health maintenance organizations (HMO) and life insurance. It’s good to know that we are starting to have the option to avail of similar products for our pets, but it’s so new that I still need to learn more about it before purchasing one.”

Aldiano is just one of the many community group members who want to know more about pet insurance in the Philippines. Here are some of the frequently asked questions in the community groups that regional insurtech firm Igloo, the company facilitating the Pet Care offering of Malayan Insurance, answered.

What does the insurance plan cover?

Malayan Pet Care insurance includes the following: 

  • Medical Reimbursement: Covers consultations, tests, scans, surgery, hospitalization, and medication, up to Php 30,000 per occurrence or up to Php 100,000 in aggregate
  • Cruciate Ligament Injuries: For sustained cruciate ligament injuries, up to Php 15,000 per leg
  • Burial Assistance: Covers burial assistance due to euthanasia, Php 10,000 (fixed amount)
  • Owner Liability: Covers legal liabilities to third parties due for pet’s actions, up to Php 50,000 per occurrence or up to Php 250,000 in aggregate
  • Personal Accident Coverage: Covers accidental death, total permanent disability, and dismemberment, Php 50,000 for each (fixed amount)

What type of insurance plans are there and how much does it cost?

Malayan Pet Care insurance offers five affordable plans that range from Php 650 to Php 3,200. 

  • 1-Month Insurance Plan = Php 650
  • 3-Month Insurance Plan = Php 1,250
  • 6-Month Insurance Plan = Php 2,400
  • 9-Month Insurance Plan = Php 2,850
  • 12-Month Insurance Plan = Php 3,200

How do I pay for the premium amounts?

Malayan Pet Insurance offers monthly or yearly plans that are paid through GCash.

Igloo leverages big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to deliver people-first, simple, and affordable insurance products. Aside from Pet Care Insurance, the insurtech company also offers Online Shopping Insurance and Phone Protection Insurance through GCash.

Igloo also aims to develop more social impact programs in the Philippines. The insurtech company seeks to protect gig workers through its Rider Protection Program with FoodPanda and the growing Micro SME community through UnionBank’s SeekCap platform.

“Filipinos love their pets and they are often considered part of the family. They have made the pandemic more bearable for many, that’s why it’s highly relevant to bring insurance solutions that will protect pets the same way Filipinos would want their family members to be,” said Mario Berta, Country Managing Director, Igloo Philippines. “Bringing in pet insurance to the market, in partnership with Malayan Insurance and GCash, is an example of how we deliver innovative products that respond to the needs of our customers.”

Find out more details about the Malayan Pet Care Insurance on GCash through this link.