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Love Casual, Off-Duty Looks? Kim Soo-Hyun Is Your Style Match

The Korean actor talked about his go-to style during his fan meeting press conference. Cop his style here!

Korean actor Kim Soo-hyun is loved by many for obvious reasons—he’s a stellar actor whose performances in both his dramas and films prove that he’s a talent to behold. But while we’re gushing about his unmatched acting skills, butterflies also flutter in our stomachs with his boy-next-door and approachable persona. “I also try to be a very friendly actor,” he shares during the press conference of his “One Extraordinary Day” fan meeting with top clothing and lifestyle brand Bench here in the Philippines.

Kim Soo-hyun
Kim Soo-hyun | Photo by Mariel Abanes
Bench Ambassador Kim Soo-Hyun On Striving To Be A Better Actor


Bench Ambassador Kim Soo-Hyun On Striving To Be A Better Actor

Similar to his laid-back personality, his fashion taste reflects his coolness. Donning an all-dark denim ensemble paired with sneakers, an outfit that he picked out himself, to meet the local media, he revealed that casual and comfy is his vibe when it comes to fashion.

Whether he’s out for official work events or simply spending time with himself or with friends, simplicity is king.“I prefer wearing comfortable and casual clothes. I also prefer wearing all black or dark-colored clothes,” the It’s Okay to Not Be Okay actor shared. It’s no wonder that he fits perfectly as one of clothing brand Bench’s #GlobalBENCHsetters—during his campaign shoot, he wears stylish daily essentials that exude off-duty cool.

Host Sam Oh with Kim Soo-hyun | Photo by Mariel Abanes

From statement shirts that express positivity to summery polo shirts that take one from pool to beach parties, and versatile denim pieces to hoodies that keep your calm, go easy and relaxed like Kim Soo-hyun. In the gallery below, find some outfit inspirations from the K-drama star himself when casual and comfy calls for the occasion.

Lead and gallery photos from Bench