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Here's What Went Down At The Stray Kids x Bench Fan Meet

During the "Stay with Bench" fan meet press conference, the eight-member South Korean Boy Group discussed their music and fashion experiences as the newest #GlobalBENCHsetters.

On January 20, the fast-rising and multitalented members of Stray Kids returned to Manila and did a press conference ahead of their "Stay with Bench" fan meeting with the top local clothing and lifestyle brand, Bench.


Stray Kids continues to dominate the world and push the boundaries of Kpop industry; exploring new and revolutionary concepts in music and aesthetics while honing their various talents, skills, and craft for their music and their fanbase—Stay. As mentioned in the press conference, when the Metro.Style team asked about the uniqueness of Stray Kids with their songs and choreography, Changbin stated,  “I think one of the biggest differences that we have from the other boy group is that we produce our songs ourselves. And of course, whenever we would show our performances, we have our distinct or irreplaceable color that we hold on to that’s why we are very different from other boy groups as well.”

When it comes to fashion, they also mentioned how each of the members also has his

own distinct taste and style. And because of the diversity and uniqueness in personality and colors of each member, it’s no surprise that the group fits perfectly as one of Bench’s #GlobalBENCHsetters. During their campaign shoot, Stray Kids showcased two distinctive stylish daily essentials The Denim Look and Casual or Streetwear Look while giving each member a distinctive pop and muted colors, and diversity in clothing style for your comfy and unique everyday wear.

Similar to the outfit they wore during the meeting with the local media, they revealed that they focused on showcasing brighter tones in their outfits for that day. It is noticeable that blue and white are their main colors, but each member has their own personal style. Wearing those outfits is very BENCH style for them, so it makes them shine not only as individuals, but also as Stray Kids.