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The Fashion And Highlights From Rampa Manila 2

On its second year, Rampa Manila continues to reestablish the City of Manila as the heart and soul of Philippine fashion.

Filipino fashion connoisseurs gathered at the historic Manila City Hall to celebrate Rampa Manila 2. Five esteemed designers and three budding designers showcased their collections through vivid storytelling.

Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna-Pangan and her staff are keen on reestablishing Manila as the heart and soul of Philippine fashion. In line with the project's purpose, the designers paid tribute to Manila’s #1 shopping destination, Divisoria. It’s known to many that Divisoria is the best place to look for anything you might need for everyday. For the designers, this is where they find fabrics, embellishments, and other materials for their creations. It was a beautiful moment to hear and see the designers share their stories about Divisoria

The show started with the showcase of the three budding designers: Morisette Magalona, Joanna Santos, and Dhenyze Guevara. All three introduced their designs to Manila’s discerning crowd. Former architecture student, Morisette opened the show with artful, structural pieces that featured symmetry. Joanna was inspired by human emotions for her Rampa Manila debut while Dhenyze explored ways on how to make a statement with her larger-than-life designs.

The esteemed designers kept everyone at the edge of their seats with a back-to-back presentation. Industry legend Val Taguba presented opulent looks on the runway that featured his signature designs and techniques. For fans of the classics, you’ll love Jhobes Estrella’s contemporary Filipiniana looks. Neric Beltran charmed the fashion crowd as per usual with his camp take on fashion. His collection for Rampa Manila 2 is entitled and inspired by Dangwa. Marc Rancy, who studied in Paris, shared his roots and long term connection with his suppliers in Divisoria. Marc touched on hyper femininity for this collection. Anthony Ramirez closed the show with his clever and chic use of the traditional inabel fabric. It’s the first time we ever saw inabel creations this modern!

Rampa Manila 2 provided plenty of fashion inspiration. We can’t wait to see more from the City of Manila and the next season of Rampa.

Take a look at the gallery below to see our favorite looks from each collection and other highlights from the show.

Photo Courtesy of Rampa Manila 2