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Lost Lorelei Introduces On-Trend And Sustainable Closet Staples

Lost Lorelei invites you to experience on trend versatile pieces with a responsible backbone.

Lorelei Bookluck at her manufacturing hub in Taytay, Rizal.

Ethereal beauty. This captures the introduction of apparel brand Lost Lorelei’s Trunk Collection amid the greeneries and lush surroundings of The Farm at San Benito in Lipa, Batangas. 

The collection’s hallmark pieces feature renowned multi-wear garments that effortlessly transition from day to night, allowing wearers to get creative and embody their unique sense of style. Each piece exuded a sense of versatility and timeless elegance that Filipinas can proudly yet comfortably wear.

Lost Lorelei founder and designer Lorelei Bookluck in her multi-verse top that went viral on Pinterest.

“The collection’s about adaptation so it’s kind of like how we’ve all adapted from COVID. We’re all a little bit more mindful now but also struggling and it’s a little bit harder. As a result, I’ve got a four-way dress. You can wear it in four ways in both colors but different necklines and can wear in reverse. I’ve gone as far as I can. The concept of adaptation as well is that it’s the same style pieces that you can adapt to your existing wardrobe,” says Lorelei Bookluck, the Filipino-Australian founder and designer behind Lost Lorelei.

A cotton collection in pure, heavenly white is among the dreamy showcase. Crafted from locally sourced cotton, these garments not only boasted a delicate and dreamlike aesthetic but also symbolized the designer’s commitment to promoting sustainable fashion choices.

The event showcased the Lover’s Quarrel Collection, a collection of white and dreamy pieces.

Asked to describe the overall fashion of Lost Lorelei, the designer sums it up as “on trend pieces with a responsible backbone.” The entrepreneur-designer shares her thoughts about her journey of creating a label that reflects her unwavering commitment to ethical and transparent practices. According to Lorelei, it starts from sourcing sustainable materials to partnering with artisans who share the same values all just so their team can come up with end-to-end conscious fashion.

“I have always wanted to do something creative and tell beautiful stories and do it in an interesting way which might not be easy like doing something sustainable and fashion-forward,” Lorelei says, adding that her label actually started as a side project while she’s working in advertising back then.

“I wanted to build a lifestyle brand that’s an experience,” she declares.


For Lorelei, everything starts with fashion in her business even if sustainability is at its core. “I want to give my customers more that’s why I introduced the reversible options. What I like about it for the customer and for me, personally, is I don’t have to choose. I can just wear both styles and colors,” she says.

The launch of Lost Lorelei Trunk Collection celebrated the intertwining of fashion and spirituality, incorporating elements of healing and connection. The event opened with a serene and relaxing Sound Healing Therapy which inspired awareness and the transformative power of harmonious vibrations to rejuvenate.

The journey also included farm-to-table dining with each delectable dish showcasing the exceptional quality of ingredients sourced directly from The Farm’s organic gardens. The whole journey of the launch concluded with a tour of the renowned farm resort and how it fittingly aligns with the label’s mission.


Lorelei is optimistic about the brand’s future saying that she’s working towards promoting it and making it more known here in the Philippines since the pieces are being made here.

“I really want to grow my presence in the Philippines because it deserves to be known and I want to put a spotlight on the Filipino talent because from an Australian point-of-view, there’s so much talent here,” Lorelei enthusiastically states.

Shop these trendy and eco-sustainable fashion pieces at or follow on Instagram: @lostlorelei. Lost Lorelei is also available via Frankie General Store at the Powerplant, SM Aura and Molito Lifestyle Center branches.

Photos courtesy of Lost Lorelei