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LOOK: Margarita Forés Launches Her Newest Restaurant

With Restaurant Margarita, she moves beyond building brands to establishing a legacy!

Few names resonate louder in the kitchens of the Philippine hospitality industry than award-winning chef and restaurateur, Margarita Forés

With almost four decades of experience in the food and beverage industry and an advocate for Filipino gastronomy,  Margarita has become one of the Philippines' celebrated culinary ambassadors. Her award as Asia's Best Female Chef in 2016 shone a spotlight on an already impressive culinary career that transcended gender barriers and raised the standard of dining in the Philippines.

Margarita Forés at the Asia's 50 Best Restaurant awards ceremony in 2016

Margarita has made an indelible impact on the culinary landscape of the Philippines through her top-notch catering service, beloved restaurants, and crave-worthy products. She continues to create innovative and delicious concepts that move beyond expectations, bringing happiness into people's lives and making moments of delight. 

"My life's purpose is simple: to make life and living more beautiful and delicious for others,” Margarita shares. 

However, after 37 years of doing this, she believes now is the time to lay the groundwork for a brand identity and a signature restaurant that will transcend even her. "This is my legacy," she adds.

Margarita at the first branch of her restaurant, Cibo | Margarita Forés

Making the brand

For the important task of creating her new brand identity, Margarita enlisted the talents of Chris Owen and Victoria Tang-Owen of Thrty30 Creative.

Established in 2015, Thirty30 Creative offers innovative creative solutions to clients on local and international stages. This team of skilled creatives is dedicated to partnering with clients such as Rosewood, New World, and Dorsett Hotels, hospitality groups JIA, and Leading Nation, retailers Joyce and Lane Crawford, and international fashion brands such as Dior and Tod’s Group, delivering high-quality creative outputs that are both compelling and memorable.

“The motivation to build the Margarita brand was to streamline all of Margarita’s many business interests and creative outlets into one coherent identity that truly represents Margarita,” says Victoria Tang-Owen, creative director of Thirty30 Creative.

Margarita is the architect of her world. From exquisite dining to captivating floralscapes, from elegant calligraphy to curated homeware, she transforms moments into unforgettable experiences. With her keen eye and artistic flair, she imbues everything she touches with her unmistakable personal style. Drawing inspiration from her refined savoir-faire, her new brand identity embodies the essence of Margarita's aesthetic. Using a handwritten logo, a timeless black-and-white color palette, and transforming the iconic M into a repeat pattern, her brand exudes confidence and sophistication.

One of the beautiful floralscapes from her brand, Fiori di Marghi | Margarita Fores

“We met with Margarita several times and we had this beautiful lightbulb moment when Victoria noticed Margarita’s penmanship (it’s beyond handwriting)”, shares Christ Owen, managing director of Thirty30 Creative. “Victoria determined that this handwritten logotype would perfectly showcase Margarita’s attention to detail, creativity, education, and appreciation for aesthetics.”

From there, Thirty30 Creative built a brand that truly represents the quality that Margarita delivers to all her customers and guests.

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Restaurant Margarita: A Preview

Slated to open in the latter part of 2024 at The Shops at Ayala Triangle Garden, Margarita will be the signature restaurant of Margarita Forés.

Brought together by a shared passion for Italy, New York, and the Philippines, Margarita has tapped the creative brilliance of architect and interior designer, Sean Dix. With offices in both Hong Kong and Milan, Sean has an impressive portfolio, crafting luxurious retail boutiques, collaborating with Michelin-starred chefs and restaurateurs globally, and creating iconic establishments.

Margarita and Sean drew inspiration from the places they both hold dear, as well as Margarita's familial heritage, in conceiving the design for Restaurant Margarita. Envisioned as a luxurious gathering spot, the restaurant will marry diverse cultural influences and personal aesthetics.

Sean sees Restaurant Margarita as “a plush sala, a jewel box showcasing Margarita's culinary finesse” and attracting a diverse range of clientele. The design mirrors Margarita's eclectic taste, reminiscent of fashion brand The Row's aesthetic mixed with her distinctive accessories.

The design of the restaurant’s design will capture the essence of both Margarita's culinary skill and Sean's design sensibilities, blending minimalism with a touch of quirkiness, sophistication with approachability, and comfort with chicness. Restaurant Margarita will be funky yet undeniably elegant.