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Why Frankie's Took 2 Wing Flavors Off Its Menu

They have a really good reason!

We have some fowl news for you. Popular chicken joint Frankie's New York Buffalo Wings just announced that their two best selling flavors, Classic Buffalo Wings and Salted Egg Chicken Wings, will not be available for some time. 

"You only deserve the best," they say, explaining that they are doing everything they can to make the flavors available without compromising taste or quality. 

We've seen a lot of businesses take a hit from global supply chain issues. In Frankie's case, it limited their access to essential ingredients. 

In the meantime, they have 12 other flavors to enjoy and fall in love with. Keep the support going and keep your fingers crossed that your favorite chicken wing flavors will be back on the shelves soon! 

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Lead photo: Frankie's NY Buffalo Wings