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Eat Delectable Art at Bell + Amadeus

It's your next must-visit fancy dining spot when in Cebu!

Cebu is definitely leveling up their dining game with the opening of more upscale, modern, and fancy restaurants all around the city. From whimsical brunch spots to vibing dinner joints, there are notable places to try and check out. One of the relatively new players is Bell+Amadeus, and I can’t believe they started from delivering meal subscriptions from their cloud kitchen, to going big with their first-ever gastronomic establishment that aims to please all the senses.

bell + amadeus Cebu

Located at one of Cebu's hip and happening locations, 88th Avenue, Bell+Amadeus’ sleek interiors with a minimalist feel is nothing short of inviting. The muted walls with lit up ceiling corners is a nice, classy touch, with a bar placed in front of an arched window, displaying their extensive selection of wines and spirits. The couches are rectangular giving clean, straight lines, with sleek seating inspired by the Barcelona chair. Their servers are dressed in all black Oxford shirts with waist aprons, finishing the overall luxurious look and feel of the place.


Owning the phrase “painterly palatable,” their menu promises “exciting ways to to wake your taste buds and be inspired as you continue to discover elevated global cuisine.” 


The atmosphere of the place may be impressively glamorous, but once the plates come out, it’s a different story. All carefully decorated with edible flowers and microgreens, each dish is a tantalizing treat, making me gasp in awe of what’s served in front of me. Luckily, they’re not just eye-candy. Their aroma wafts up, reaching your nose and adding to the overall experience. Their visual appeal, with perfectly arranged presentation and vibrant colors, also add to the anticipation and pleasure of tasting it.

The starters really set the tone of what’s to come. The passionfruit-coconut espuma (Spanish for foam), crostini with beetroot hummus, and edible flowers is visually captivating, together with the pan-seared scallops with lime-miso dressing, citrus couscous, avocado puree, and tuna tartare on squid ink tapioca crackers. Not only do the colors and shapes play with your eyes, the combination of textures on the palate is a dance in the mouth, too. 

Passionfruit-coconut espuma, crostini with beetroot hummus, and edible flowers and tuna tartare on squid ink tapioca crackers
Pan-seared scallops with lime-miso dressing, citrus couscous, avocado puree

These beautiful array of starters are sure to whet the appetite, but the edible element that surprised me the most among them is the passion fruit-coconut espuma. The texture was so fine and delicate, it instantly melts in the mouth (I believe this is what eating clouds may feel like), but still packs a punch when it comes to flavor. According to Food Republic, “espuma is the Spanish culinary term for foam. Also called ‘thermo-whip,’ espuma is created with a molecular gastronomy technique – and without cream or eggs. The technique will have you tasting the ‘soul’ of the food for the first time.” This definition doesn’t only make sense, it pretty much hits the bull’s eye of my unique food experience.

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Pasta offerings

For pasta lovers, Bell+Amadeus’ take on these tasty, carb-centric dishes are a sure treat. The mixed seafood in truffle cream sauce, squid ink pasta oozes with rich, savory flavors. The shrimp, squid and mussels, are tender and succulent, cooked to perfection. The truffle cream sauce adds a luxurious and earthy note, with the distinctive aroma and flavor of truffles infusing the dish. The creaminess of the sauce adds a velvety texture, while the squid ink pasta, with its dark hue, puts a unique twist to the dish. The squid ink imparts a subtle briny, oceanic flavor that compliments the seafood perfectly. The pasta was cooked al dente, providing a satisfying bite and a hint of chewiness.

For a unique take on authentic Italian carbonara, Bell+Amadeus takes a creative step to use creamy butternut squash pasta with Italy’s favorites, the cured pork jowl or guanciale and the firm cheese, pecorino. If you like creamy, salty, and rich combined altogether, plus the natural flavor of squash, this one’s perfect for you.


Wagyu beef cubes, back ribs, and vermouth truffle risotto with vermouth truffle risotto with pan-seared salmon

The Wagyu beef cubes served on a hot, charcoal grill easily wows its consumer upon serving. The smoke forming clouds in the air, the modern and zen-like Japanese plating together with the delectably artsy sides (the nori butter comes with a brush for a fancy way of coating the meat) are all experienced when ordering this dish. Indulge yourself with perfectly seasoned and cooked Wagyu meats that go well with the clean, umami taste of the Japanese rice, and the savory creaminess of the melted nori butter. The carnivores will surely come back for seconds.

Their fish dish, the vermouth truffle risotto with pan-seared salmon, is a match made in gourmet heaven. The thick cut of the salmon wonderfully holds the salmon roe, smoked onion puree, crispy shallots, pickled mustard seeds, Sriracha mayo, and red onion pickles on top of its perfectly seared skin. The texture is a delightful combination of crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, as the searing process creates a crust that adds a pleasant crunch when you take a bite, while the interior of the filet is moist and flaky. The flesh of the salmon is velvety and smooth, melting in your mouth as you savor its clean flavors. It is then placed on top of a mound of risotto, with the vibrant colors of the elements contrasting beautifully against the creamy backdrop of the slow-cooked Italian rice. This one has got to be my ultimate favorite from their mains.

The classic American Southern dish—the back ribs—is of course elevated to a Bell+Amadeus standard. Arranged beautifully on top of corn puree and decorated with raspberry gel, green peas puree, and their very own barbecue sauce, you’ll be smearing those chunks of meat to clear the plate and please your palate.

Chicken confit with guanciale cranberry marmalade, whisky demi glaze, partnered with polenta, and garnished with pine nuts

Lastly, for poultry, their chicken confit with guanciale cranberry marmalade, whisky demi glaze, partnered with polenta, and garnished with pine nuts is a harmonious medley of tender-juicy, dark chicken meat and creamy, thick, mashed-potato-like consistency from the cornmeal. The gravy is smooth and the fruitiness and nuttiness of the ingredients blend so well together. I’d easily give this dish a 9/10. 


It’s been said, “Desserts are the fairy tales of the kitchen—a happily-ever-after to supper," and I believe Bell+Amadeus gives us exactly that with their three stunning meal-enders.

The native chocolate lava, coconut panna cotta, and Ylang-ylang creme brulee

The native chocolate lava, poached pears, with pesto ice cream has got to be the crowd-favorite at Bell+Amadeus. The rich and moist chocolate cake topped with gold flakes is served warm and baked to have an almost-ganache bite that oozes with local tsokolate-based hot fudge filling when cut open. The poached pears add a fermented, fruity taste, while their home-made pesto ice cream balances the overall sweetness with its rich, creamy and herby flavors. This dessert can win awards, for sure. 

If you’re a fan of custard, the Ylang-ylang creme brulee, with ube moss, jackfruit gel, and black sesame ice cream is a real floral treat. The fragrance of the Ylang-ylang is made to tickle the taste buds in the perfectly baked custard, with a crispy layer of mildly torched sugar on top. They really make their own ice cream here, and the distinct black sesame ice cream offers a rich, nutty, and slightly sweet taste with a hint of bitterness. The ube moss is a fun take on a sponge cake that adds a layer of texture with the smoothness of the custard and the coldness of the ice cream. This dessert definitely takes uniqueness seriously, and I’d recommend it to any adventurous foodie. 

Bell+Amadeus created the coconut panna cotta with truffle ice cream and saffron sauce for a luxurious take on the classic panna cotta. The trifecta blends so well together—the lusciously creamy and smooth texture of the panna cotta, with a delicate coconut flavor that is both tropical and refreshing; the rich, savory, and complex taste of truffle in the ice cream with notes of musk, mushroom, and sweetness; and the luxurious flavor of the saffron sauce that is delicate, floral, and bittersweet.

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The attention to detail at Bell+Amadeus is unparalleled, and every dish is presented beautifully with care and precision. The restaurant's interior is equally as impressive, with stunning modern decor and a bright and clean atmosphere that makes you feel instantly relaxed and at ease.

While it may be on the pricier side, Bell+Amadeus is definitely worth the splurge for a special occasion, a fancy date night, or just a luxurious weekend treat. The restaurant is also available for private events and functions, making it the perfect location for a stylish brunch party with friends or a corporate event.

If you're looking for an upscale and luxurious brunch experience, look no further than Bell+Amadeus. They definitely fulfill their promise of “exciting ways to wake your taste buds and be inspired as you continue to discover elevated global cuisine,” and their tagline—memories made edible.

Follow Bell+Amadeus on Facebook and Instagram. Located at 88th Avenue, Banilad Road, Cebu, Cebu City, Philippines; open from Tue-Sun, 11:00AM to 2:00PM; 4:00Pm to 11:00PM