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Cool Japanese Izakaya 12/10 Is Open Again In New Space

These doors open today!

Exactly two years ago 12/10 closed its doors, a casual of the pandemic lockdown. Today, it reopens and just like that, our favorite cool and non-traditional Japanese izakaya is back! And in a great new location, too! 

The second restaurant concept of The Girl + The Bull couple Gab Bustos and Thea de Rivera, 12/10 opened in 2014 along Guijo Street in Makati with a fun menu. Memorable items include the Uni Toast made with sourdough, fresh local uni, chicken liver and pineapple jam;  the Onigiri served like a taco, with foie gras, spring onions, balsamic maple syrup, and a housemade spicy sauce. Every single cocktail was a statement, from the F.U. Daisy named after the character in The Great Gatsby, and was a brighter, sunnier take on the classic Old Fashioned; to The Bison, a martini-inspired drink with grapefruit and chocolate liqueur. Even its location, in the non-glamorous part of Makati, lent character to 12/10. It was a cultural landmark in its own way, the original Poblacion before Poblacion was a thing. 

The new 12/10 opens today at 8 Rockwell after a two-year "hibernation." As they explain on social media: "We are deeply grateful to all of you who showered us with love and support as we hibernated for the past two years. The time away from life in the industry was essential to nourish our love for food, beverage, and hospitality even more. We are thankful for the growth in our foundation, the beauty of our new home, and for all the talents that we have in our team. Most of all, we feel honored to be given yet again, the opportunity to simply provide a memorable dining and drinking experience for you all.

"We know we've been away and silent for a while, so thank you for everyone's patience as the excitement gets more real for our re-opening. We will be officially opening our doors to everyone starting October 31, Monday." 

Truly, in a city like Metro Manila, there's always a ray of light to make even the doldrum days a tad bit better. Tonight, we're heading to 12/10 for an evening of laughter, good food and some of those really fine cocktails. 

12/10 Izakaya, 8 Rockwell, Lopez Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati.