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Tatung's Antipolo Private Dining Is Deliciously Pinoy

A ten course dinner by a star chef in a beautiful Antipolo home with a lush garden — this is the ultimate dining escape!

Chef Tatung is known for his accessibility. Everyone loves him—from millennials, Gen X and Z, to boomers (especially boomers!). His recipe dupes of famous dishes from restaurants have become a staple in most households, and many of his books have become bestsellers upon release. A real culinary celebrity juggernaut whose success lies in not only his obvious culinary talents, but also his unerring instincts in taking the pulse of his market, Tatung always seems to be ahead of the curve. 

His private dining concept in Antipolo is one of the examples of this. Launching last May, his ten-course dinners have enjoyed sold-out dining dates and rave reviews. Without reading this article or reading previous articles written on this, one might be hard-pressed to imagine what a Tatung private dinner would be like given his brand of accessible cuisine. Questions always abound — would it be small portions? Would it be a best-of-Tatung-type of dining experience? How will it differ from a meal in his restaurants? 

In his own words, the private dining concept was born out of a need to express and create outside the confines of his signature restaurants or his public persona. Unlike the first menu, the new one is less ‘Best-of-Tatung’ and more of Tatung saying ‘this is me’ with a Greatest Showman-esque level of pomp.

Called Encounters, Tatung reimagines dishes he has come upon while traveling around the Philippines, playing to his strengths with accessible yet unique flavor combinations, amped up with technique and playful whimsy. Each dish is something he has never cooked and served before, so it’s as much a fun adventure to him making this menu, as it is for us diners to enjoy.  

To cut a long story short, the whole experience is Tatung literally opening his house to diners and cooking for them what he wants to cook. Besides the clear draw of the food, diners will find it arresting to explore around his home, take pictures around his garden (or with him if he’s there), and marvel at his eclectic and antique art pieces, furniture, and décor.  It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience, factoring a scenic drive to Rizal, braving a bit of rough road, and even having an option for wine.

Check out the ten-course dinner menu in the gallery below.

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Tatung’s Private Dining is by reservation only and open Thursdays to Sundays for lunch and dinner with a base price of P4,700+ or P6,000+ that comes with a welcome drink and wine pairing (cava, white and red wine). Thursday and Friday reservations require a minimum of six pax, while Saturday and Sunday reservations have no minimum. For reservations, call (0956) 660-5913 or message @tatungsprivatedining on Facebook and Instagram.

Address: Antipolo, Rizal