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The Vanilla Girl Look May Conquer Living Rooms In 2023

This soothing style is reminiscent of Japandi… it’s for minimalists who want a little something extra

Renovating your rooms this year?  Fans of minimalism who can’t commit because they want a little more will be happy to discover the “Vanilla Girl” décor trend which forecasters say have all the potential to be a hit for living rooms in 2023.

This style has all the soothing effects of the Japandi trend, a mixture of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics.  Welcome shades of beige, white, almond and oat into your rooms, but give the palette some life by introducing textures.  Boucle upholstery have a place here, as well as fluted paneling and veined white marble.  Curved shapes also lend softness to this look.

6 Interior Design Trends That Went Viral In 2022


6 Interior Design Trends That Went Viral In 2022

The term “vanilla girl aesthetic” has over 450.6 million views on TikTok as of this writing.  Convinced about this trend?  

Cop the look with these picks:

Single Seaters:

Editor's Pick

Luxury Single Seater

  • Luxury Single Seater

Editor's Pick

Nordic Single Seater

  • Nordic Single Seater


Editor's Pick

Three-Seater Sofa

  • Three-Seater Sofa


Editor's Pick

Bubble Candle

  • Bubble Candle

Nordic Table:

Editor's Pick

Nordic Table

  • Nordic Table


Editor's Pick

Emma Woven Cabinet

  • Emma Woven Cabinet


Editor's Pick

Graphic Living Room Rug

  • Graphic Living Room Rug


Editor's Pick

Bailey Buffet

  • Bailey Buffet


Editor's Pick

Harlow Console

  • Harlow Console

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