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Fascinating Women 2023: Belle Mariano

Young actress/singer Belle Mariano is solidifying her passion by serving her purpose

There is no shortcutting a celebrity’s stardom in a cutthroat industry, but Belle Mariano is indeed a nuclear name in showbiz now—a breakthrough star, a fan favorite, an award-winning actress. These are just few of the joys that a young gem in entertainment can enjoy as one grapples with the yardstick of success, and with Belle’s sunny disposition, living up to her dreams is a feat within reach.

Fascinating Women 2023: Belle Mariano
On Belle Mariano: Ensemble by AJ Javier | Photo by Dookie Ducay for Metro.Style

From her first mold as a commercial model and child star, Belle’s career track metamorphosed into primetime projects, movie house blockbuster hits, and everything that she has only ever imagined. While Belle has been burgeoning into one offering after another, it is through He’s Into Her that the actress’s career has truly crystallized. In 2021, alongside Donny Pangilinan, she starred in the said novel-based teenage-oriented TV series and has since been building an in-demand reputation.

This showstopper of a woman has started gaining trophies for a collection, capturing titles and wins that made her an acting superstar in the making. Belle and her team-up with Donny have earned numerous awards and recognitions from international and local award-giving bodies. But undoubtedly the highlight of her career is her Seoul International Drama Awards’ Outstanding Asian Star recognition for He’s Into Her, for which she flew to South Korea to personally receive her award. 

In her acceptance speech there, Belle made a strong impression. “I am Belle Mariano, and I am a proud Filipino,” her introduction went. Having become the first Filipina to win the said award at the annual gathering, Belle dedicated her glory to her main woman—her mother. “To the woman who molded me to the woman I am today—my mother—thank you so much. I love you.” HIH, on the other hand, has accumulated accolades from the Asian Academy Creative Awards (2021) and the most recent, 35th PMPC Star Awards for Television (2023).

Belle is no prey to negativity, making the defeatist mindset a permanent in her don’ts list. She leads a life of discipline and perseverance, ahead of her age. “We always strive for excellence. I think that’s one thing that I’m really going to carry on not just this year but throughout the years I’m with Star Magic,” she guaranteed, when asked about the greatest lesson that the agency has taught her.

Dealing with rejection with grace and good old optimism is something that Belle deems sacred. In fact, when He’s Into Her was starting to feel like home to her, the hate-letting bashers buoyed up a movement that best believes she didn’t deserve the role. “People really didn’t like the idea of me portraying Maxpein’s role,” Belle previously shared with Metro.Style, saying that it was the “amazing people” neighboring her that armored her from public naysaying.

“I really focused on the positive side more than the negative,” she continued, mentioning that Star Magic and her family helped her fly by staying by her side. “Instead of taking what they’re [people] saying to me as negative, I took it as something that would help me grow and again, strive for excellence.” Clinking glasses to celebrate her triumphs, Belle took us back to her modest beginnings.

Naalala ko pa, pumipila ako, kumukuha ng access ID,” she walked us through. With the overwhelming traction that her past projects have received—He’s Into Her being the recipient of major awards in the market; Love Is Color Blind landing Netflix’s Top Lists; and An Inconvenient Love being a chart-topping charmer on the same streaming platform—Belle is now on cloud nine. “I just remembered, ‘Oh my gosh! This was just once my dream and now I’m able to live it. Now, I’m actually fulfilling that little girl’s dream.’ And I’m glad that I’m still here.”

As Belle is set to star in her newest project with Donny—Can’t Buy Me Love—the world awaits and watches her flourish one venture after another. Belle, after all, has a high regard for her craft. “What I love most about my work is maybe, ever since, it’s been my passion—acting, just being on screen, entertaining people,” she summed up. “That’s what I love the most—just being able to inspire people and being able to put smiles on their faces.”

Apart from her acting pursuits, Belle is also a musician, and is preparing to release her second album following her debut album, Daylight. In a video clip, Belle thanked her fans for all the support that they have been giving her. “Now that another album is coming out, I hope you guys are able to love it as well the way you love Daylight and I hope you guys like it and relate and be inspired, and so many more,” she called on. “Go through this journey with me once again. I love you, guys!”

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Belle’s purpose, she vows, is to free the emotions—especially happiness—that might be resting in the more hidden parts of a person. “Up to this day, iyon pa rin talaga iyong feeling kong purpose kona mapangiti ang ibang mga tao at maimpluwensiyahan sila sa mga ginagawa ko,” the fascinating young Filipina promised. 

Lead photos by Dookie Ducay from Metro.Style archive

Makeup by Jake Galvez

Hairstyling by RJ dela Cruz

Styling by Adrianne Concepcion