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Kaila Estrada on the Best Piece of Advice Her Dad John Gave Her

For Father's Day this year, Kaila honors her father John who instilled in her the value of living life to the fullest

Kaila Estrada Father's Day tribute to John Estrada
John Estrada and Kaila Estrada | Photo from @johnestrada__

Kaila Estrada has been making waves for her acting prowess, further proven by her recent stints on the buzzworthy series Linlang and Can't Buy Me Love. Sure, she's the daughter of seasoned showbiz figures John Estrada and Janice de Belen, but there's no denying she's innately talented, too. She stands out in every scene she's in. She delivers her lines powerfully. She owns her character. 

Kaila may have many fans now, but her parents will always be her top supporters. Early this year, back in February, as she signed her first-ever contract with ABS-CBN, her father talked about how proud he is of his daughter Kaila.


Kaila Estrada Father's Day tribute to John Estrada
Screenshot from Star Magic on YouTube | Check out her #ForeverKapamilyaKaila contract signing here.

"Nakakatuwa naman at nakakataba ng puso ko dahil lahat naman po ng nakatrabaho ni Kaila na nakatrabaho ko rin ay wala pong sinasabi kung hindi, 'O Sir John, Kuya John, grabe nakasama ko 'yung anak mo. Ang galing, napakabait na bata.' So I told her, 'You know what I think, you are here to stay,'" he said.

Kaila only made her acting debut in 2021 through the series Viral Scandal, and yet look at how far she's already come! Fresh from her Can't Buy Me Love stint, Kaila stars in the rom-com film Fruitcake that's now out in cinemas. 

Kaila Estrada Father's Day tribute to John Estrada
Screenshot from Star Magic on YouTube

In a previous Metro.Style interview with Kaila, the young actress opened up about how supportive her dad is. "My dad and I now are super close, kasi he's super supportive. My mom is also supportive but my dad is super involved. Parang he wants to be involved in everything. Medyo sume-stage dad na siya, so ganung level,” Kaila laughed. "But yeah, you know, I'm so happy that we can connect on, like, a career level din, and he also gives me a little bit of advice on planning my next steps and stuff."

For Father's Day this year, Kaila honors her father John from whom she thinks she got her sense of humor. It happened to be John's birthday last June 13, too!

What's the funniest moment you shared with your dad recently?

"It was actually a couple of years back. We were at the cemetery because he wanted to visit my lolo’s tombstone. And this was at night so it was really dark and we were just using the flashlight from his phone and I was too lazy to take mine out. He said, 'Oh ayan si daddy oh.' Pointing somewhere. I tried to follow where he pointed at and said 'Hi Daddyyy' then he laughed and said, 'Kaila, hindi siya 'yan, ito oh.' Sabi ko pa 'ay, sorry!' Pero du'n sa maling tombstone hahaha and we laughed about it on the ride home. Nakakatawa 'yung moment kasi nagkamali ako ng tombstone nasira tuloy 'yung touching moment."

What's your favorite bonding activity with him, and what do you love about it?

"We don't see each other that often but we usually have dinner and drinks together. It's nice because since we're in the same industry now, we often talk about work." 

What piece of advice your dad gave you that didn't make sense in the beginning but turned out to be really helpful? 

"He always tells my siblings and I to go and experience things, like traveling for example. Of course, saving money is important but he encourages us to still spend on experiences when we get the chance because life is so unpredictable. And I think about that a lot."

What’s a quality/trait you’re glad to have in common with your dad?

"I'd like to think I'm quite funny if you get to know me. And I'm pretty sure I got a bit of that from him."

Belated happy birthday and happy Father's Day, John!

Lead photo from @johnestrada__