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Exclusive: How Carlo Aquino Proposed to Charlie Dizon

In this interview, the newlyweds revealed the details of how they got engaged in Thailand

Kapamilya celebrities Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon tied the knot last June 9, 2024. Many were surprised as the ceremony was unannounced and so was the actor’s proposal to his now-wife.

In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, though, Third World Romance lead stars Carlo and Charlie detailed their proposal story.

In April 2023, during Charlie’s 30th birthday, the pair went to Thailand for the Songkran Festival, an annual three-day merrymaking in the Southeast Asian country where water showers and water fights take center stage in the streets. 

Interestingly, Charlie’s dream to mark her third decade of existence there was something that she has always wished for. So when she got into a relationship with Carlo, she took the chance to share this bonding opportunity with him.

“’Di ko in-expect na magpro-propose siya du’n kasi wala pa rin kaming one year nu’n,” the Pira-Pirasong Paraiso actress walked us through how her husband popped the big question.

Charlie’s supposed meet-up with friends also turned into a core memory she least expected. Sticking to her original plan, she has come to a decision to honor her 30th year with this fun street party. 

Little did she know, however, that Carlo had already made a move and one of the touching gestures he did was ask permission from Charlie’s mom and dad. The It’s Okay to Not Be Okay star, in fact, set up a meeting with the whole family over a video call.

“’Yun na, nagpaalam na siya na magpro-propose na siya, ganu’n. So before nag-propose, nag-video call siya with my parents at tsaka ’yung mga kapatid ko,” said Charlie, whose parents and siblings are based in California, USA

Before their wedding, according to Charlie, Carlo also jetted off to the US to let her family know of his courtship plans. “Before din du’n, na-meet na rin naman ni Carlo ’yung family ko. Like actually, nagsabi pa lang siya na manliligaw siya, pumunta siya sa US mag-isa.”

Ta’s pumunta siya sa family ko nu’n. Ta’s ’yun, du’n siya nagsabi na balak niyang manligaw,” she continued. “So ’yun, nu’ng una, ’yun pa lang. Tapos biglang next year, nag-propose!” 

Carlo then interjected, recalling that at the time, when he was chatting with Charlie’s mother and father, he spent hours exchanging dialogues with them while stuck in traffic and on his way to look for an engagement ring. 

Nakakatawa ’yung video call with her parents at ’tsaka sisters,” Carlo started off. “So from Commonwealth going to Makati, magkausap kami. Sobrang traffic. Three hours kaming magkausap, tapos ayaw maniwala ng mom niya na magpro-propose na ako.”

“Yeah. Kasi nga parang iniisip nila, ‘Are you guys sure, kasi bago pa kayo?’” Charlie butted in. “But hindi ko alam lahat ’yun. So nu’ng nag-propose, nakakatawa. Kasi ’yun ’yung worry ko, if alam ba ng family ko. Kasi siyempre, mag-isa ako dito sa Philippines.”

To show utmost respect to her family, Charlie mentioned, too, that it is only necessary for Carlo to reach out to her parents so they won’t feel “bypassed.” Their love for their daughter is unconditional, so she wants to return the favor all the more.

Kailangan talaga, dumaan sa kanila,” Charlie insisted. “And nagulat naman ako na nagpaalam siya. So nu’ng nag-propose siya, sinabi niya talaga na ‘alam na ’to ng lahatsa US, sa ganiyan!’ Sinabi na niyang ganu’n. So ’yun, du’n na ako, ‘Oo naman!’ E ’di du’n ako nag-‘yes!’”

Due to the “messy” nature of Songkran, meanwhile, Carlo’s workaround was to ask Charlie in a private place instead. The duo dined out at Chim by Siam Wisdom, a fine dining restaurant in Bangkok that earned a Michelin star for its high-quality cooking.

Along with Carlo’s Thai best friend and personal assistant for 14 years, the celebrity couple went on to have a good time and explore mouthwatering Thai dishes. Who would’ve thought that the 12-course meal would serve as a drumroll to Carlo’s surprise? Certainly not Charlie!

Du’n ako nag-propose. Nagpatulong ako du’n sa best friend ko na Thai. Tapos, ayaw niya pang magsuot ng maayos nu’n. So sabi ko, ‘Mag-dress ka! Kami, naka-polo kami, ’tsaka fine dining ’yun,’” Carlo cited, to which Charlie chimed in.

“Actually, nu’ng sinabi niyang fine dining, du’n lang ako napa-dress. Kasi feeling ko, baka hindi ako papasukin,” stated Charlie, who had no lone clue of what was about to go down. To her, the dinner was just a casual hangout and nothing more.

Ayaw niyang mag-dress. So sabi ko, ‘Kailangang mag-dress ka na.’ So finally, napilit ko siya, ta’s dinala na namin siya doon,” Carlo narrated. “So busog na busog kami. Tapos nu’ng paalis na, sabi ko sa kaniya, ‘Ano nang plano natin? Ano nang next step?’”

Thinking that Carlo’s inquiry was about their next potential destination abroad, Charlie responded in a jiffy. First, it was Korea, then Switzerland, and the list went on. “Kung anu-anong sinasabi ko. Hindi ko gets, e!” she exclaimed, letting out a laugh.

Sensing that Carlo couldn’t handle his loss for words anymore, his best bud took the wheel and steered the conversation into a different direction, asking what chapter will unfold next in Carlo and Charlie’s lives. From there, Carlo took charge. 

Charlie tried her best to jog her memory, capturing the important scenes she can recollect. “So kaharap ko ’yung best friend [ni Carlo]. Pagtingin ko, nakaluhod na siya. So ’yun pala, magpro-propose siya. So hindi ako makapaniwala!”

Akala ko, nag-‘yes’ agad ako. Ta’s hindi pa pala. So parang sabi niya, ‘So ano’ng sagot?’ Sabi niya, ‘Kasi lahat ’to alam na ng lahat. Don’t worry!’” Charlie furthered. “So du’n ko sinabi, ‘Oo naman!’ Akala ko nag-‘yes’ talaga ko in my mind. ’Yung parang ganu’n, sa sobrang taranta ko.”

Dumbfounded, Charlie even thought for one that what Carlo showed her was only a promise ring. “Nakakatawa kasi hindi ako naniniwala nu’ng nag-propose siya. So like lahat nu’ng kasama namin, tinatanong ko na ‘prank ba ’to? ’Wag n’yong gagawin ’to sa’kin!’” she enacted.

Nu’ng sinabi niya na ‘totoo, napaalam na ’to sa family mo,’ ganiyan, e ’di okay, go na!” Charlie concluded. “Ilang beses ko nang na-taping ’yung magpro-propose. Pero ’yung real thing, ibang-iba. As in sobrang nanginig ’yung tuhod ko. As in ganu’n ’yung feeling.”

Before Star Magic’s announcement of the Carlo-Charlie nuptials, Carlo posted a teaser on his socials. In a layout fro their pre-nup photo shoot, he is seen holding hands with Charlie against a scenic backdrop. “Unti-unti natin gagapangin ang buhay nang nakatawa,” he put in the caption. 

Their pre-nup and wedding stories, up next! Visit Metro.Style again for the exclusive.

Interview by Grace Libero-Cruz

Lead photos by Myio Okamoto and Mico Gonzales

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