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Inigo Pascual Recounts His Experience Auditioning For "Monarch"

“It was truly a dream come true. It has always been my dream to do a Hollywood project and to be able to represent the country in a project like this,” Inigo says

Today, September 13, marks the iWantTFC premiere of US television series Monarch, which is Inigo Pascual’s first international acting project. 

This global, country music-themed, FOX drama stars veteran actress and Oscar Winner Susan Sarandon (Thelma and Louis, 1991; Dead Man Walking, 1995; Stepmom, 1998). The drama follows the lives of reigning “King of Country Music” Albie Roman (portrayed by Trace Adkins) and his insanely talented—and tough-as-nails—wife, “Queen of Country Music” Dottie Cantrell Roman (portrayed by Susan); together, they have created a country music dynasty, but even though the Roman surname is synonymous with authenticity, the very foundation of their success is a lie.

When their reign as country royalty is put in jeopardy, heir to the crown Nicolette “Nicky” Roman (played by Anna Friel) will stop at nothing to protect her family’s legacy, while ensuring her own quest for stardom, alongside her brother Luke (Joshua Sasse) and sister Gigi (Beth Ditto). In the series, you can expect the cast to feature original tracks and covers of famous pop and country songs in every episode. 

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After establishing his career in the Philippines, Inigo Pascual, son of seasoned actor Piolo Pascual, is spreading his wings to Hollywood. In Monarch, Inigo plays the role of Ace Roman, the talented adopted son of Nicky. 

So, how did he manage to get a regular role in a major FOX series? In a press conference, Inigo shared how his audition for the role of Ace went. 

“For Ace, there wasn’t much given to me. It just says that he was adopted. He’s a singer who struggles with anxiety. And so one of my auditions actually was originally Ace was supposed to have seizures. Part of my audition and callback was doing a seizure. And so, I had to act out a seizure on camera,” he reveals. “With Monarch, with the whole process of self-tapes, [in] America, there’s a season for auditions. It’s not like in the Philippines where a project is given or a project is offered to you. In America, kahit na sikat na sikat ka na, you’re still asked to audition for certain things. And during the audition season, I was helping some of my cast mates, I was helping Emma [Milani] with her self-tape, I was helping Callum [Kerr] with his self-tapes, and vise versa, they would help me with my self-tapes.”

Inigo adds, “It was cool to experience that because it makes you appreciate your craft even more. It makes you appreciate your process of auditioning.”

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The singer-actor also enthusiastically shared that part of his process of becoming Ace is to create a playlist of the songs he feels his character would listen to. For Ace, of course, it included country music. He added that this was also something he would do for his roles in the Philippines. 

ABS-CBN, Inigo’s home network in the Philippines, has the exclusive linear TV rights to air the series in the country. Filipinos will be able to stream the series first on iWantTFC in the Philippines on September 13, or 48 hours after its US debut on September 11 on Fox TV. This will be followed by ABS-CBN’s platforms at a later date to be revealed soon.

Lead photos from @inigopascual and Pexels