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5 Best Moments From Kim Soo Hyun’s ‘Nothing Like Dunkin’ Fan Meet

Among the night’s highlights were Hallyu heartthrob talking about his new K-drama, having fun with fans through games, and dishing out what his favorite Butternut variant is

On January 17, Dunkin’ Philippines treated its loyal customers (and die hard K-drama fans!) to a special night with their first South Korean ambassador, Kim Soo Hyun, at Araneta Coliseum.

From personally packing donuts into boxes for some very lucky fans to saying Filipino phrases like “mahal kita” and “pasalubong ng bayan,” there was no shortage of joyful moments with the My Love From the Star actor.

Below, relive some of the best moments from the ‘Nothing Like Dunkin’ fan meet with Kim Soo Hyun:

1. The grand entrance of Kim Soo Hyun onto the stage!

What an entrance! Naturally, everyone was so excited as the Hallyu heartthrob made an epic entrance onstage, all smiles. Wearing a relaxed, all black suit, Soo Hyun took a moment before speaking to take in the atmosphere of the entire venue and the cheering from his adoring fans; he was just excited for the fan meet as we were!

5 Best Moments from Kim Soo Hyun’s ‘Nothing Like Dunkin’ Fan Meet

2. The actor revealed that he’s currently working so hard on a new K-drama to come out this year, and that he’s gathering strength from his fans for good luck!

While greeting his fans and sharing how he’s been feeling as the new year has started, Kim Soo Hyun revealed that he’s hard at work on a new drama by celebrated writer Park Ji Eun (My Love From the Star, Producer), with director Jang Young Woo (Crash Landing on You). The drama is titled Queen of Tears and will be a thrilling love story of a married couple who manage to survive a crisis and stay together, against all odds. 

Kim Soo Hyun shared to the fans present that the energy he’s getting from the audience will give him strength to do his best while he’s currently hard at work filming the drama.

5 Best Moments from Kim Soo Hyun’s ‘Nothing Like Dunkin’ Fan Meet

3. Randomized raffle draws for lucky fans to meet Kim Soo Hyun and have a special photo opportunity with him… onstage!

Several lucky audience members were selected (via a randomized generator number), from all different sections of the coliseum, to go onstage, shake hands, and take a photo next to Kim Soo Hyun. Out of all the raffles of the night, this was the one where the crowd went the most wild for by far!

5 Best Moments from Kim Soo Hyun’s ‘Nothing Like Dunkin’ Fan Meet

4. Kim Soo Hyun playing fun games with his fans and packing Butternut donut variants under time limit!

While packing Dunkin donuts into boxes for three lucky audience members, Kim Soo Hyun revealed that among the new Butternut flavors: Choco Almond, Ube Cheese, Strawberry, and Cheesy, his personal favorite is the Strawberry. Later, the actor shared his experience visiting Dunkin in the Philippines and compared it to how it was back home for him. When visiting Dunkin stores in Korea, often it’s a kiosk so the orders are done in that manner. Over here, Soo-Hyun remarked how it was nice to go up to the counter and interact with a person to order, and see all the donuts to choose from.

5 Best Moments from Kim Soo Hyun’s ‘Nothing Like Dunkin’ Fan Meet

5. The actor speaking Filipino phrases, including the Dunkin tagline: “pasalubong ng bayan” and “mahal kita

Throughout the night’s activities and games, Kim Soo Hyun showed off his Tagalog-speaking skills! The crowd, of course, collectively swooned when the actor said “mahal kita” (“I love you”) to the crowd. Soo Hyun also had a lot of fun with the guessing game where he pointed out traditionally Pinoy symbols like the jeepney, durian, and tarsier. (The audience had a lot of fun trying to help the actor say “tarsier” so he could win the point!)

5 Best Moments from Kim Soo Hyun’s ‘Nothing Like Dunkin’ Fan Meet
Meet Kim Soo-hyun And Dunkin Donuts Butternut Flavors


Meet Kim Soo-hyun And Dunkin Donuts Butternut Flavors

Photos courtesy of Justin Alexandra Convento