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Meet "Sparks Camp 2" Campers Universe, Allan, Miggy, and Pipoy

"Sparks Camp" Season 2 is finally here, and we got to know the new campers as they talked about their takes on love, dating, and ideal partners

Under the warm glow of the summer sun, campers gather on a breathtaking beachside site, each carrying a unique story, a heart filled with hope, and a desire for love. Sparks Camp 2, the highly anticipated second season of ABS-CBN Studios' and Black Sheep's queer dating reality show, is more than just a quest for romance; it's a celebration of queer love, identity, and the universal longing for connection. 

Mela Habijan on What Sparks Her Passion and Purpose


Mela Habijan on What Sparks Her Passion and Purpose

A new platform for queer representation

For the showrunners, season two of Sparks Camp is a way to show the importance of sharing LGBTQIA+ stories. Filmed in the picturesque province of Pangasinan, the show aims to highlight stories of discovery and rediscovery within the queer community, going beyond the pursuit of a “mutual spark” to showcase the multifaceted characteristics of love and self-acceptance. 

A year after the first season captured hearts and sparked conversations, Sparks Camp returns with an all-new cast of Filipino campers, hailing from different parts of the country and even the world. This diverse group is ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and perhaps, find that special someone who sparks their soul.

In this exclusive Metro.Style feature, we delve into the lives and loves of these campers, exploring their backgrounds, aspirations, and the lessons they learned about love in this one-of-a-kind experience.

Each camper brings a unique blend of experiences, personalities, and dreams to Sparks Camp. In the Part 1 of our special feature, let’s take a closer look at four of the campers, as they share their stories, vulnerabilities, and hopes for finding love in this extraordinary setting.

Universe Ramos: The Soft-Hearted Suitor

Manifesting the universe is on his side, Universe Ramos has flown from sunny LA to a beachside stay! Known as the “Soft-Hearted Suitor,” Universe is a dedicated entrepreneur who loves thrill and adventure. Fluent in four languages, this sushi-loving fitness enthusiast mastered Tagalog and Pangasinense and later, English and Spanish.

At 29, Universe auditioned for Sparks Camp 2, hoping to end a four-year singlehood. “I’m ready to find a spark,” he confesses. He highlights the challenges of modern online dating, where people easily move on if a connection fails. This led him to seek deeper, meaningful in-person connections. With Sparks Camp 2, Universe says, “I just wanna switch it up and go from finding dates online to referrals or reto dating.”

Sparks Camp 2's Universe Ramos
Sparks Camp 2's Universe Ramos

Universe has a clear picture of his ideal partner: he’s drawn to men with beautiful smiles and moreno skin. He values kindness, generosity, and understanding of his flaws. “I want somebody who’s gonna make me feel that I’m worthy of love,” he says. At the camp, he learned about love and relationships. “We can all be just a little bit more understanding and kind to our partner,” he shares, emphasizing empathy as key to lasting relationships.

His fellow campers left a lasting impression. “They inspire me to not lose hope,” Universe admits. Working with Mother Sparker Mela Habijan, he praised her as “educational, inspirational, motivational, everything Chanel.” Her advice, “Letting people in but also coming out,” resonated most with him.

The struggles of being a Filipino emigrant and closeted gay kid transformed him. Overcoming language barriers and embracing his identity built his strength and confidence, showcased in the show. “I’m confident with a little dash of delusion,” he admits with a laugh. More than a search for love, he beams, “I’m super proud of my tenacity.” - Leigh Sofia Lazo

Allan Pangilinan: The NBSB Overthinker

As an advocacy manager, Allan Pangilinan champions causes close to his heart but finds vulnerability in love. Known as the No Boyfriend Since Birth (NBSB) Overthinker in Sparks Camp 2, Allan also piques curiosity with his love for writing and books.

A friend’s nudge led him to discover Sparks Camp. Hesitant at first, he binged the first season. “It ended up na ako ’yung nag-tapos ng season,” he chuckles. Eager for Season 2, he seized the chance when auditions came. “Naka-pasok, so nilaban na natin, pasok na tayo sa Season 2.”

Often left out of outdoor adventures by coupled friends, the camp’s lakeside-to-beachside setup was a delightful twist. “At least, nakapag-outing ako ngayon,” he happily shares. “Finally, makakapag-swimming na rin ako!”

Sparks Camp 2's Allan Pangilinan
Sparks Camp 2's Allan Pangilinan

Allan, 29, dreams of a partner who sees his beauty, especially when he struggles to see it himself. “My dream partner would be someone who loves me, especially [on] days that I don’t love myself,” he shares. He seeks someone kind, understanding, and gracious. “I want someone who could sit comfortably by my side when my overthinking hits because it happens all the time,” he explains.

At the camp, his introspective nature and tendency to overthink were laid bare. Past relationships were unclear, given the trend of not putting labels. His biggest challenge is finding someone who aligns with his wavelength and can keep up with the conversation. Asked about lessons in love, he answers, “It takes time. First impressions—while they last, they could change.” He believes relationships are tested by patience and adaptability but holds onto self-love.

Allan takes pride in showing up and being seen. “I’ve always had this urge to isolate because of my experiences, but I also have this desire to be seen,” he states. “But here, showing up in camp and ready to face the world, I am proud of that.” A bold statement from a lone wolf at heart! - Leigh Sofia Lazo

Miggy Ruallo: The Pretty Boi

With his radiant smile and creative spirit, Miguel John “Miggy” Ruallo, lights up any room. Embracing his vibrant personality and love for the arts, this 24-year-old film graduate from Las Piñas City is a self-proclaimed “femme extrovert” who enjoys reading, running, and photography. He loves coffee, cats, and going to cafes with friends, too. 

Sharing the reason for joining this queer dating reality show, he tells Metro.Style, Alam ko na kasi ’yung Sparks Camp Season 1. Kilala ko na si Bong [Gonzales]. So nu’ng in-announce na magkakaroon ng Season 2, maybe p’wede na ulit i-try ’yung luck ko sa dating scene. Kasi, well, mag-one year na rin akong single. After my first boyfriend, first heartbreak ko na rin ’yun. Like, super malalang heartbreak. I think, maybe sa camp ko makita ’yung another potential na partner.”

Sparks Camp 2's Miggy Ruallo
Sparks Camp 2's Miggy Ruallo

After a painful heartbreak left him feeling lost, Miggy seeks a kind of love that values emotional expression and vulnerability. In this interview, he shared his experience with love, from his ideal type to his thoughts on the “butterflies in stomach” feeling. He was heartbroken when he and his ex-boyfriend parted ways about a year ago but proudly describes his growth since then: “’Yung Miggy ngayon, hindi ko siya makikilala if hindi nangyari ’yon.”

When asked about his ideal partner, Miggy says, “Gusto ko talaga sa partner ko taller than me, medyo moreno, and sobrang big deal sa’kin ’yung smile ng isang guy.” He adds, “Emotionally, gusto ko ’yung isang guy na sensitive and really knows how to connect his feelings. Ayoko nang parang hinahayaan lang kung ano ’yung mga nararamdaman niya. Gusto ko ’yung expressive sa feelings niya.”

Miggy also explained that while everyone may have a preset idea of an ideal partner, that could also change depending on the situation. “Nu’ng pumasok ako sa camp, actually, gano’n naman talaga tayo ’di ba? ’Pag nagde-date, meron tayong hinahanap, parang may naka-preset na tayo na hinahanap. Nu’ng nando’n na ako sa camp, sabi ko, i-erase ko ’yon,” he says, seeing the camp as a fresh start.

Miggy believes that sometimes we need to let go of our standards to find the right person. He also embraces the idea that love is diverse and that we should be open to those who spark our interest. - Ryan Christopher Claveria

Pipoy Oreiro: The Big Boy of Sunshine

Keim Ferdinand A. Oreiro, also known as Pipoy, is the Big Boy of Sunshine of Sparks Camp Season 2. With his bright personality, he left Kidapawan City to explore Manila. He never expected to be a camper but knew about the show since TikTok influencer Bong Gonzales from Season 1 appeared on his For You Page.

“After my solo trip to Siquijor, I compiled all my videos on my phone. It was the last day of auditions, so I pushed through,” he recalls. He bravely sent his audition letter to Black Sheep Productions and is thrilled to now be part of the new season.

Sparks Camp 2's Pipoy Oreiro
Sparks Camp 2's Pipoy Oreiro

Pipoy, 25, describes his idea of an ideal partner, saying, “I want a partner who is super understanding and gentle because I embody that.” Despite the limited dating options in his hometown, Pipoy had two boyfriends but found it challenging to explore his queerness.

His gentleness became more apparent during the camp, a quality highlighted by Mother Mela, who gave him the moniker “Gentle Giant.” This realization helped him understand what love should look like for him. Pipoy believes in loving fearlessly and taking risks. “When it comes to love, risk naman na talaga ’yun. So if you wanna love someone, go do it, kasi malay natin. How will we know how far we’ll go if we never try?,” he advises. 

An adventure enthusiast, he enjoys skydiving and free diving. “I love extreme activities. Joining Sparks Camp was a risk,” he says. And the bravest thing Pipoy has done is coming out as gay. Although he hadn’t verbally come out to his parents, participating in Sparks Camp gave him the courage to embrace his identity. “Nakapag-skydive na ako but ito ’yung pinaka nakakatakot pero nakaka-fulfilling na moment ever sa lahat ng ginawa ko sa buhay ko,” he shares. He encourages others to celebrate who they are, even if they aren’t ready to come out yet. “You should celebrate what you are because you deserve the world to know you,” he concludes. - Ryan Christopher Claveria

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Catch Sparks Camp 2 every Wednesday, 8PM only on Black Sheep’s YT channel.

Produced by Judy Arias

Texts by Judy Arias, Leigh Sofia Lazo, and Ryan Christopher Claveria

Photos by Christian Glenn Cruz and Miles Irvin Ng

Special thanks to Black Sheep