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Meet "Sparks Camp 2" Campers Zuher, Kyle, Martin, and Ejay

A commercial model, a Swiftie account manager, the TikTok boyfriend, and an aspiring Drag Queen—each camper is looking for sparks in this season's dating adventure

Ten bachelors gather on a breathtaking beachside camp, each carrying a unique story, a heart filled with hope, and a desire for love. Queer dating reality show Sparks Camp 2 was finally launched last June 26. A year after the first season captured hearts and sparked conversations, Black Sheep and ABS-CBN return with an all-new cast of Pinoy bachelors, hailing from different parts of the country and even the world.

In the second part of this Metro.Style exclusive feature, we explore the stories of another set of four new campers: Zuher, Kyle, Martin, and Ejay. Each brings a distinct mix of experiences, personalities, and dreams to Sparks Camp. Read through their stories as they open up about their backgrounds, challenges, and aspirations in their quest for love.

Zuher Bautista: The Campfire Charmer

Zuher Kenneth Bautista Nakaoka, a 37-year-old commercial model and aspiring actor from Pasig, has always had a magnetic personality. A self-confessed gym rat, Zuher is not just about brawn but also charm, being a friendly and transparent individual who values humor and classic OPM love songs. 

His participation in Sparks Camp Season 2 was driven by his hope to find love, inspired by his admiration for the first season’s campers and a longing to break a five-year streak of being single. “To be honest, naging fan kasi ako ng Season 1, so ’yung mga campers from Season 1, mga idol ko,” Zuher reveals. This admiration turned into motivation when he saw a post from Direk Ted [Theodore Boborol], leading him to think, “Why not try it?.” Despite the pressure, Zuher leaped. “Awa ng Diyos!.” he exclaimed, grateful for the opportunity.

Zuher entered the camp with clear expectations for an ideal partner: “consistent, honest, may paninindigan, hindi malandi.” These traits remained steadfast throughout his Sparks Camp journey. His dream partner? "Physically, s’yempre kailangan pogimala-boy next door… mabait, family-oriented, honest, consistent.” Zuher sticking to his ideals underscores his belief that “consistency is the key.”

Zuher’s dating history had its challenges, often marked by the secrecy of his partners. “Usually, sa bahay lang, Netflix lang, inom sa bahay ganu’n... super private kasi nga ganu’n hindi pa out,” he shares. This secrecy took its toll, but Zuher’s experience in Sparks Camp Season 2 brought about a significant change. “Dito ako nag-out eh," he proudly declares, hoping for a more open and public relationship in the future.

Sparks Camp 2's Zuher Bautista
Sparks Camp 2's Zuher Bautista

Zuher showcased his outspokenness and transparency throughout the show. “Kasi ako ’yung tao talaga na kapag gusto kita, mararamdaman moGusto ko klaro lahat, ayoko nag-ho-hold back ng emotion,” he explains. These qualities helped him navigate the complexities of the camp and his emotions.

A crucial lesson Zuher shared was to “Never be an option. Kailangan ikaw lang, wala ng ibang choice. Dapat ako lang!” His experience with the other campers helped him overcome past traumas and trust issues. He shares, “Natutunan ko sa kanila na huwag matakot magtiwala ulit. Huwag matakot magmahal ulit.”

Zuher’s journey in Sparks Camp Season 2 was also about embracing his true self: “Since [rito] lang ako nag-out… sobrang masaya kasi s’yempre tanggap ka.” Mother Sparker Mela Habijan's support was pivotal, reinforcing the importance of self-acceptance and courage. He says, “’Yung lesson na natutunan ko sa campers and Mother Mela na huwag matakot magmahal ulit. Huwag matakot ipakita kung sino ka at kung ano ka.”

This camper stands proud, having come out on the show and gained acceptance from his family and friends. “Proud ako! Sobrang saya!” His journey in Sparks Camp Season 2 was not just about finding love but also embracing his true self and inspiring others to do the same. - Judy Arias

Kyle Adlawan: Manila’s Premier Social Butterfly

Meet this season’s socialite, Kyle Adlawan. He is a bundle of charm and a ball of energy. From Manila, this 27-year-old key account manager loves to party on weekends and jam out to Taylor Swift’s music.

How Kyle learned of Sparks Camp 2 is a story worthy of its own episode. It was during a sudden post-hookup moment when his partner suggested watching the show. What started as a casual viewing quickly turned into a weekly ritual. “Sabi ko, ‘Parang maganda, abangan ko ’to every Wednesday,’” he recalls. The show’s narrative piqued his interest, prompting him to audition as he wants to approach dating seriously this time.

Upon arriving at the campsite, his first impression was excitement and awe after seeing attractive faces. Recognizing an acquaintance, Ejay Dimayacyac, provided a comforting anchor amidst a sea of unfamiliar faces. Known for being friendly, Kyle embraced the challenge of walking this new social terrain. “I’m a social butterfly, so I tend to know everyone in the room,” he explains. “For me, Sparks Camp is really my gameplay.”

Kyle got to flaunt his bubbly personality throughout their stay. “I think I brought the fun in the show,” he happily declares. As the life of the party, he ensured no one felt left out. “I played around with everyone, made sure na there are things that are going to be memorable and I made sure that everyone is intact with each other.”

Drawing from his previous relationships, Kyle was once a hopeless romantic. His breakup with his first boyfriend led him to a detour of self-realization. “I didn’t go on dates yet until I was secured,” he shares. “I really tried to find myself first and then that’s when I started dating [again].” This detour prompted a new perspective on relationships where he realized that self-worth must be his priority above all else.

Sparks Camp 2's Kyle Adlawan
Sparks Camp 2's Kyle Adlawan

In pursuit of love, he learned that rejections are a part of the process and can sometimes lead to discouragement. Over time, however, he began to celebrate every aspect of himself and realized that true worth comes from having a good heart and good intentions. “You need to understand who you are and what you want. And that will be enough,” Kyle presses. 

When asked about his ideal partner, he wants someone secure, independent, and confident. “I need somebody who understands [that] being in a relationship doesn’t mean gagawin namin lahat at the same time together. It’s a partnership where we celebrate each other individually,” he elaborates. His experiences in the camp reaffirmed these qualities as paramount. Despite the allure of attractive individuals, Kyle’s heart sought someone comfortable in his own skin. “Confidence in knowing who you are and what you want in life” is what’s important for him.  

On takeaways from the show, Kyle recounted a piece of wisdom from Mother Sparker Mela Habijan: “You’re where you’re supposed to be. You’re here because you belong here.” For Kyle, that is a powerful reminder that dreams are timeless and present circumstances should be viewed as opportunities rather than obstacles to achieving them. 

Kyle took a moment to look back on his pride-filled path. “I think what I’m most proud of with myself is that I can sit here in front of you being authentically myself,” he beams. - Leigh Sofia Lazo

Martin Leonard Di Chua: The TikTok Boyfriend

The soft-chinito guy of this season, Martin Leonard Di Chua, has established himself as TikTok boyfriend material. A 29-year-old creative operations manager from Quezon City, Martin is an introverted observer with a passionate, understanding personality and a great sense of humor. 

When asked about joining this season, Martin shares his motivation, “I learned about Sparks Camp Season 2 from Sparks Camp Season 1, so I watched the first season. In my mind, ang tagal ko nang single. Ang peaceful ng life ko. Ngayon, gusto ko naman ng gulo. I wanna find a boyfriend, hopefully, sa camp, that’s why I joined Sparks Camp.” He expressed that he wants a thrilling change to break the monotony of his day-to-day routine.

Martin also shared his experiences in dating and the lessons he learned from past relationships. He has grown emotionally intelligent, having had two boyfriends and one situational partner. These relationships, despite failing, made him stronger and anti-fragile. He emphasizes the importance of self-love, believing that if you prioritize yourself, happiness and stability in everything else—job, relationships, family—will follow.

Sparks Camp 2's Martin Chua
Sparks Camp 2's Martin Chua

He provides insight into the most challenging part of his dating life, saying, “Right now, what I consider the most challenging is letting go of the idea na partner mo ’yung magiging buhay mo. Lalo na kapag start pa lang ng relationship, parang exciting, fresh, bago pa. Ang dami pang mga new experiences with this person. Everyday magkikita kayo. Pero I’m trying to set boundaries na, okay, sige this new person is ili-limit ko ’yung time para hindi ako maubos sa isang tao, or sa isang bagay ng life ko nang lubos-lubos. Kasi marami pa akong aspects sa life, like my job, my family, my hobbies, my friends, so setting boundaries was the hardest part.”

While Martin embraces self-love, he maintains his standards when looking for a partner. Physically, he prefers someone close to his height with a clean-cut look. Emotionally, he hopes to meet someone open-minded, vocal with their feelings, and supportive (someone who can be his number one fan). 

With over 169k followers on TikTok, it is important for Martin that his future partner understands his world as an influencer. Valuing the love he receives from those around him, he always reminds people to never forget about themselves, emphasizing that self-love and kindness are the most valuable things in the world. - Ryan Christopher Claveria

Ejay Dimayacyac: The Queen of Hearts

A 29-year-old art director and aspiring drag artist from Batangas City, Ejay Dimayacyac is known for his humorous, loving, and unapologetic personality. He enjoys munching on spicy food and listening to old love songs on Sundays. Remarkably, he also values authenticity deeply.

Ejay’s journey into Sparks Camp 2 began with a push from a friend who saw his potential. Arriving in full drag, Ejay made a memorable entrance at the campsite. “Pumasok kasi ako nang naka-drag,” he recalls with a giggle. “So, una kong nakita is the set, and the location, the beach in Pangasinan. Very, very, very beautiful.” Amidst the scenic backdrop, Ejay felt the thrill of meeting potential friends, foes, and even romantic interests.

His decision to join Sparks Camp 2 was driven by a quest for love and a desire to represent and empower the drag community. “I am representing the Drag Community. Though I’m just a baby queen na nangangarap na maging Drag Queen soon,” Ejay proudly declares. For him, drag isn’t just about theatrics; it’s about embracing his true self and paving the way for others like him.

Before joining Sparks Camp, Ejay had a clear vision of his ideal partner. “Ako talaga, hindi na tayo magpapaka-impokrito, gusto ko cute, pogi. Talagang ’yung ’pag gumising ka sa umaga, mabaho man hininga niyan, ‘Ay ang pogi ng jowa ko,’” he hilariously shares.

Sparks Camp 2's Ejay Dimayacyac
Sparks Camp 2's Ejay Dimayacyac

However, his perspective expanded upon meeting the diverse campers. “Ay, in fairness naman sa kanila, talagang meron talaga akong nagustuhan,” he admits, reflecting on the unexpected twists of attraction. Ejay’s dating journey spans a decade. “Eight years na akong single. My last boyfriend was my first boyfriend in college,” he reveals. 

Navigating the dating scene hasn’t been without its challenges for Ejay. “Hindi nagwo-work kasi produkto tayo ng ghosting,” he laments. “Hindi ko alam kung bakit. Hindi ko alam kung may mali ba sa akin or pangit ba akoWala akong dating experience as of now, itong recent kong life.” Despite these setbacks, Ejay remains hopeful and open to new possibilities in love.

One of the most profound lessons Ejay learned during Sparks Camp 2 is about the power of self-acceptance and authenticity in relationships. “It’s okay to wait. Hindi mo kailangan madaliin lahat ng nangyayari sa buhay mo, lalo na sa pag-ibig,” he reflects, echoing Mother Sparker Mela Habijan’s advice on embracing one’s true self. “Be who you are. Be the 100% you kasi mamahalin ka ng tao hindi dahil sa ano itsura mo, ugali mo, kundi ’yung kabuuan mo,” he passionately adds.

Ejay is proud of himself for the journey he’s embarked on—the journey towards self-acceptance and love. “I’m proud kasi andito ako ngayon, pinapakita ko kung sino ’yung totoong Ejay na dati nakatago sa closet,” he expresses with a smile. His experience in the camp has brought him closer to finding love and also empowered him to embrace his identity unapologetically. - Judy Arias

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Produced by Judy Arias

Texts by Judy AriasLeigh Sofia Lazo, and Ryan Christopher Claveria

Photos by Christian Glenn Cruz and Miles Irvin Ng

Special thanks to Black Sheep