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Meet "Sparks Camp 2" Campers Seichi and Paco

Will the "Androgynous Brat" from Cavite or the "Dashing Prince" from Quezon City spark a connection in the camp?

Sparks Camp 2 and its campers have started a new adventure in the province of Pangasinan. New season, new stories一the queer dating reality show from Black Sheep and ABS-CBN highlights the journeys of a fresh set of campers who are ready to pursue love. 

Launched last June 26, Sparks Camp 2 initially introduced a diverse group of eight campers. But as Mother Sparker Mela Habijan promises for the second season, they’re “bigger, louder, and prouder this time around,” hinting at an exciting show with some twists. 

The twists? Two new faces were added to the mix last July 3, amping up the excitement towards Sparks Camp 2. Ahead of their reveal in the show, Metro.Style met the last two campers, who gamely chatted with us about their life and love stories and aspirations.

Sparks Camp 2 campers Seichi Orazaga (“The Androgynous Brat”) and Paco Sanz (“The Dashing Prince”) wrap up our three-part special feature.

Seichi Orazaga: The Androgynous Brat

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the baddest of them all? Meet Seichi, the “Androgynous Brat” from Cavite City. With a passion for films, video games, and makeup, he’s a versatile individual who knows what he wants. From lab to love, this tenacious chemical engineering student is set to make chemistry happen on Sparks Camp 2

Through a casual scroll on X, Seichi stumbled upon the show’s call for auditionees for its second season. “I think it sparked my interest kasi I’ve been single for, like, five years,” he tells Metro.Style, sharing his reason for joining the queer dating reality show. Stepping into Sparks Camp 2, he was hit with a wave of surprise, exceeding his expectations. “Everything was leveled up and we’re at the beach. It’s gonna be so fun!” 

Before his campsite experience, he dreams of a partner whom he can share a good laugh with. More than physical compatibility, he leans more toward the idea of matching each other’s freak vibe. Yet, his stay sparked a lightbulb moment. “Sure, I still want someone who laughs at my jokes but I realized I think I deserve a lot more than just humor,” he emphasizes. “I realized sa camp na I should raise my standards.”

Sparks Camp 2's Seichi Orazaga
Sparks Camp 2's Seichi Orazaga

Unlike other campers, Seichi’s love life is anything but ordinary. As someone who holds dating with “so much sacredness,” he only had one boyfriend. His strong personality often leads to misunderstandings, making it challenging to navigate the dating landscape. “People seem to think I’m doing mind games. I don’t know why. So parang nagkakaroon ng miscommunication and the resentment always builds,” he says.

Seichi, 23, shared a couple of takeaways during the show. He learned that love isn’t something that can be meticulously orchestrated. “What I learned about love after doing Sparks Camp [is] you can’t plan. It’s something that’s out of your control,” he reiterates. Instead, it thrives when people authentically and unapologetically express themselves. 

He also recounted Mother Sparker Mela Habijan’s advice to him: “to be authentic.” This encouragement to embrace authenticity became a turning point for him. Initially trying to present himself as a “good person” and a “good Christian girl,” Mela’s words liberated Seichi to embrace his true self. He continued, “I was like, you know what, okay, I’ll be myself. And then the rest is history. Whatever you see in Sparks Camp, it’s me.” - Leigh Sofia Lazo

Paco Sanz: The Dashing Prince

With almond eyes, naturally thick brows, and a fair complexion, Francis Antonio Laurel Sanz or Paco epitomizes the image of a head-turning, dashing prince. As a skilled UI/UX designer, his passion for creativity extends to art and horror movies. 

During his interview with Metro.Style, Paco reflected on his decision to join Sparks Camp 2, recalling, “I learned about Sparks Camp 2, basically from Season 1, but I guess what really triggered me to join Season 2 was that I’m the sort of person who trusts the signs, so if there are certain signs that appear before me, I go with them. I was scrolling through Instagram, and I saw that Season 2 is holding auditions, so I thought if this showed up to me one more time, I would just audition and leave it there. I wasn’t hoping to get into the show; I just wanted to think about, ‘Hey, at least I made an effort to send this [audition] to the show.’” 

Paco maintains high dating standards, valuing authenticity and a good sense of humor above all. He looks forward to spending quiet weekends at home with his significant other, hoping to find solace in their shared company.

Sparks Camp 2's Paco Sanz
Sparks Camp 2's Paco Sanz

Reflecting on his dating experiences, Paco acknowledged the challenges of finding partners who share his values, particularly within the LGBTQIA+ community. He shares, “One of the reasons I joined Sparks [Camp] was to look for a potential spark. But one of the challenges that I had outside the camp was actually matching values.”

Paco further explains, “I’m a very monogamous person, and I would like to keep it that way. But it just so happens that on dates here and there, they want something different. Of course, that’s not a problem; it’s just that for me, the way I perceive dating and relationships is different from what they see, and that’s totally valid too.”

Going into Sparks Camp posed challenges for Paco, who still keeps his identity hidden from his family. Reflecting on a heartwarming moment with Mother Sparker Mela Habijan during the season, he recalled her emphasis on honesty: “She told me that no matter what you do in life, just be honest. You can never go wrong with honesty.”

Currently, he takes pride in his family’s awareness and support as they watch this season unfold. His appearance on the show greatly inspires the young queer community to be unique and to not be afraid to express themselves, showing that no matter what your identity is, you are loved in this world. - Ryan Christopher Claveria

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Produced by Judy Arias

Texts by Judy AriasLeigh Sofia Lazo, and Ryan Christopher Claveria

Photos by Christian Glenn Cruz and Miles Irvin Ng

Special thanks to Black Sheep