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Exclusive: K-Pop Boy Group WEi On Their New Mini Album, "Love Pt. 3 : Eternally"

Feel the heat of the summer with WEi's cool tracks that talk about ‘faith towards love’ and ‘eternal love.’ (Trivia: Their music video was filmed in Cebu, Philippines!)

K-Pop boy group WEi - Love Pt. 3 : Eternally - Overdrive - Metro Talks

It’s going to be a hot summer with the cool tracks K-Pop boy group WEi has whipped up for their newest release! Though hinged on a season, their new songs are timeless favorites in the making. And we can’t wait to listen to the full album and get into a summer state of mind.

In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, JANG DAE HYEON, KIM DONG HAN, YOO YONG HA, KIM YO HAN, KANG SEOK HWA, and KIM JUN SEO talked to us about their new mini album, their world tour, and more!

Debuting in 2020 under OUI Entertainment, WEi is consistently on the rise, making their mark not just in the Korean music scene but also globally. Titled Love Pt. 3 : Eternally, this album is all about having faith towards love and experiencing eternal love. Packed with fresh and captivating tracks, the new album showcases the group’s growth, musical versatility, and infectious energy that their fans, the RUis, have come to love.

This 6th mini album is also the third installment of the group’s Love album series, following Love Pt. 1 : First Love and Love Pt. 2 : Passion.

“We’ve prepared a very fresh style for this comeback [in time] for summer,” said SEOK HWA. “You can expect our cool and fresh performance, and on stage, you will see us enjoying and having fun together.”

The boys gave a sneak peek of their new album through the highlight medley released last June 16. True to their commitment to artistic growth, the medley featured refreshing musical styles that perfectly match the overall vibe that they are going for this time. The medley video has five songs including the title track “OVERDRIVE,” “Be Alright (chillin’),” “Thriller,” “All Day With You,” and “End of the Day.”

Fresh, fun, and young, “OVERDRIVE” is a song that explores conversations with one’s present and future self. The song’s bright melody and romantic lyrics aim to comfort and send a message of healing to whoever listens to it. DAE HYEON, who wrote the rap part of the title track, describes it as a melodic and breezy composition that perfectly complements the overall vibe of the song. DONG HAN and YO HAN shared that they enjoyed the process of creating music that would make their fans happy. 

Fun fact for all Filipino RUis: the music video was shot in Cebu—that’s right, at the Queen City of the South! The aesthetic MV featured the WEi members having fun singing and dancing their hearts out, frolicking under the amidst the beautiful seascape. 

K-Pop boy group WEi - Love Pt. 3 : Eternally - Overdrive - Metro Talks

WEi has been traveling a lot, and the boys have recently embarked on their second world tour, WEi 2ND WORLD TOUR <PASSION>. For this tour, WEi shared that they have limited time to explore places given their very packed schedule. But during their US tour, the boys managed to squeeze in some well-deserved days off to tour around leisurely. They enjoyed immersing themselves in the local culture, taking in the beautiful sights. Aside from that, they learned more about one another.

Trivia: When it came to their traveling style, JUN SEO packs light, DONG HAN is a heavy packer, and YONG HA revealed that YO HAN only packs the essentials and would just buy stuff when they get to their location. 

As WEi continues their journey together, the group members shared that they have grown even closer during their tours. But what they love most about traveling together is the chance of meeting their RUis overseas for the first time. “The chance to get [to be] close with the fans was awesome,” shared DAE HYEON. 

The group also expressed their appreciation to their Filipino fans and RUIs, and even promised to come back to the country. We’re hoping soon! 

WEi just released the music video of “OVERDRIVE,” the title track of “Love Pt. 3 : Eternally!”

We’re cheering for you WEi! Jji-jeo! 

Check out the gallery below for WEi’s stunning photo shoots (photographed in Cebu, Philippines) for their 6th mini album:

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